12 Behaviors That Indicate Dogs Are Stressed, Know Your Dog!

Who here has a pet dog at home? If you have, what breed of dog do you have?

As we know, humans cannot understand the language of animals and vice versa.

However, we can still communicate with them through the body language they display.

Stress is not only experienced by humans, animals too, especially animals that can be used as pets, such as dogs.

In fact, most people make these animals their best friends. But in truth, dogs are already known as favorite pets.

Dogs communicate using complex body sign language. These body signals reflect what they think and feel.

They use these signals consciously and unconsciously to communicate intentions and ensure their personal safety by influencing the behavior of others.

Similarly, when our dogs are stressed and agitated, they will exhibit different types of behavior.

Some behaviors exist that help them relieve the stress they feel or soothe the perceived threat.

Here is a dog’s body language that indicates that they are stressed, uncomfortable, or feeling nervous.

  1. Yawn

Yawning can be a sign that your dog is tired, but it can also indicate that your dog is stressed.

  1. Licking Lips

Licking your lips or snapping your tongue usually indicates that your dog is nervous.

  1. Not moving

Usually, the dog will not move his body until the threat disappears. When the dog is not moving it can also mean the dog is deciding to fight or move away.

  1. Whale’s Eye

Although the dog turns his head but continues to see the perceived threat, by showing the whites of his eyes.

  1. Turn Head

The dog will turn its head away from the source of fear as a sign of avoiding and calming down.

  1. Wrinkled Eyebrows

A wrinkled or arched dog’s eyebrows are usually caused by facial tension

  1. Tense Jaw

A tense jaw and a closed mouth mean that the dog is preparing to act.

  1. Hug

A dog will get comfort by hugging its owner. So, if suddenly our dog hugs, a sign he is looking for comfort from the owner.

  1. Panting

If a friend’s dog is breathing hard and sounds hoarse, it can be a sign that the dog’s friends are nervous.

Because of nervousness, the dog’s saliva production will decrease, so that his voice becomes dry or hoarse.

  1. Shaking

When our dog trembles, it is caused by the release of adrenaline. Usually, after this our dog will feel calm.

  1. Slobber

Excessive saliva can also indicate that our dog is under stress.

  1. Lack of Focus

When we invite to play or learn our dogs are not focused, it could be because our dogs are restless.

That was some dog body language that indicated that he was stressed, anxious, or nervous. Pay close attention to our dog’s body language.

Causes stress dogs

Pets must be cared for properly and obliged to make it always happy.

However, sometimes consciously or unconsciously, caretakers can stress their pet dogs.

Unfortunately, not all dog keepers know the cause of stress in their dogs and maybe one of them is you.

Therefore, here are some causes of dog stress that you must know.

Loud noise
At present, noise pollution is not a new thing anymore, because as is known, the existence of motorized vehicles is very much.

Not only that, sometimes the inviting neighbor shows that set loud music also included noise pollution.

If you also often play a musical instrument at home without a special room that is soundproof or loud music, then you should immediately stop this activity.

Sounds so loud it turns out to be the reason why your dog becomes stressed.

You need to know, dogs have sensitive senses of hearing, so naturally, it will feel disturbed by loud noises.

But apparently, the dog does not immediately express himself that he was experiencing stress due to the loud noise.

It might be said, the condition is being buried and does not appear. Because of this, most people assume that if the dog does not have a problem.

Even though dogs don’t like loud noises, they only understand their owners and act as if they’re okay with the loud noise.

Shouting or yelling

Snapping is the most annoying thing and everyone does not like it. However, snapping is also not good for dogs, because it can cause it to be stressful.

Not a few dog owners who shout or shout at their dogs all the time. This often happens because most dog owners do not yet know how to communicate with dogs.

Usually, the scream or shout will be done when the dog makes a mistake.

We know that if a dog can be trained and in the process of training, yelling or shouting is quite often done, it is just like an army exercise. Though this is not very good.

Dog training can be done without shouting, which is basically giving a gift when he does what he is told to do. But, still, without raising your voice, it is enough with a normal voice and shows commanding gestures.

Maybe you’ve seen or even experienced when your dog is angry with you when you train. This happens because you command it with a shout.

The main point is that you have to show authority before your dog. Authority is not obtained by shouting or shouting, but by gestures and the right approach.

The trick is to show authority and this has been proven to make dogs more obedient to what was ordered for him. So stop raising your voice to your dog.

Not trained

Dogs that are not trained or have never been trained apparently can make him always guess what the owner wants.

This condition makes the dog stressed, because, in the process of logging, he also thinks of the punishment that will be obtained, if he can not run as desired by the owner.

Dogs really need to be trained to facilitate communication with their owners. In addition, this exercise can also make dogs and their owners more compact and can work well together.

Caged too long
Don’t think that living in a cage is a good thing. If it’s delicious, why are all people reluctant to go to jail? Same with dogs.

If he is always locked up, then surely he will feel pressured and lead to stress.

Humans want freedom, dogs too. The longer he is locked up, the greater the stress on the dog.


Sometimes dogs get sick, but they don’t express that they are sick. The dog will only remain silent.

In his silence, he was actually tortured with his illness. If it is acute, then the owner is aware if the dog is sick.

But it is too late because the more acute a disease, the handling will also be longer and this can also cause stress in dogs.

Usually, diseases that are often not expressed by dogs are when they have problems with their teeth, gums, ears, and joints.

Therefore, it is very important to check the health of dogs regularly.

How to Deal With Stress Dogs

After knowing the causes and signs of stressed dogs, then you must know how to deal with these conditions. Here is how.

Schedule playing with your dog

Inviting your dog to play is very important. Basically, playing is an activity to relieve fatigue and certainly relieve stress.
Both in humans and animals, playing has the same benefits.

Thus, if your dog already looks stressed, then you should start asking him to play often because this method of handling is very effective to overcome these conditions.

Give the best food

Food is the best medicine. In humans, food can be a powerful stress medicine.

You will definitely find your favorite food if you are stressed, right? And stress will certainly go away if you already enjoy these foods.

Actually, this is the same for animals. All types of animals have favorite foods and with favorite foods also animals can be tamed more easily. Therefore, if your dog is stressed, then give him the best food or can be said to be his favorite food.

But that does not mean you only give his favorite food without weighing the nutritional needs.

So you also have to pay attention to nutritional intake, because if stress arises because the dog is sick, then good nutrition in food can also play a role as a remedy for the disease.

The method is very simple, you can insert a multivitamin in his favorite food.

Give a safe zone
When it is raining and accompanied by lightning, then this is a bad condition in dogs, because as explained earlier, that the dog’s sense of hearing is very sensitive or you also often play music with a loud volume.

To overcome this, then you must provide a room as a safe zone for your dog to avoid these loud noises

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