15 Among Us Coloring Pages Free printable

Among Us Coloring Pages Rules of Playing Among Us, a game that is currently Viral because it is Considered to ‘Damage Friends

A game called Among Us has recently become a hot topic.

among us coloring pages 1
among us coloring pages 1

How could it not be, the game Among Us has gone viral since a number of YouTubers played this ‘friend destroyer’ game.

To note, the game Among Us has been around since June 2018.

However, it has become viral recently because besides being played by gaming YouTubers, the game Among Us has also become a friend to fill the time during the Corona pandemic.

This Innersloth game is basically the same as the Warewolf game.

Quoted from the official page, the game Among Us is a multiplayer game that requires teamwork and betrayal.

This Among Us game can be played by 4 to 10 people in one lobby.

Later, the Among Us players will become extraterrestrials on the plane to carry out missions.

However, among the crew of the plane, there was an impostor who acted as a traitor to the crewmates. (Among Us Coloring Pages)

Crewmates are required to be careful of importers because they cannot tell who the real ‘friends’ are

Among Us, Who Is The Real Impostor?

how to play the game Among Us itself is fairly easy.

During the game, both crewmates and importers can take advantage of the map on the right side of the screen.

On the map, there are signs where the crewmates must carry out missions.

There are several missions that crewmates must undertake, including installing cables, downloading and uploading data, to shooting meteors.

Players can also take advantage of access to assistance such as using the Admin Map and Security Camera, which are scattered in the game.

These two objects serve to indicate the location of each player.

Thus, the crewmate can monitor the movements of other players who have the potential to become importers.

Similar to crewmates, players who serve as importers also have the same missions.

However, the impostor only needed to pretend to have completed the mission so that the crewmates would not suspect him.

Impostors are also equipped with special abilities that crewmates cannot do, such as being able to move from place to place via air vents, performing sabotage to divert attention, and closing door access to trap crewmates.

The crewmate killed by the impostor will turn into a ghost and leave behind a corpse.

The crewmate’s ghost can watch the game progress, but will not be able to communicate with other players who are still alive.

If a body is found, the players can hold a discussion to determine who the suspected impostor is.

The system will give players 75 seconds to carry out the discussion.

This discussion is often called ‘breaking the friendship’, because players can accuse one another.

Fellow players can guess the player who is suspected of being an impostor.

Players are welcome to take advantage of the chat feature in the game or turn on Discord again.

The player who acts as an impostor must be good at acting and evading when he is suspected of being caught.

In this discussion, the players will vote to determine who is the suspected impostor who will be removed from the plane.

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