5 Mistakes Frequently Made by Cat Owners

Do friends keep cats at home?

Pet cats can indeed be fun playmates, huh!

But, raising a cat means not just feeding it, guys.

As people who care for cats, maybe we are not aware of making mistakes in our cats.

What are some of the mistakes we might make to pet cats?

Find out so we can avoid it.

For friends who are the first time to raise a cat, we should not adopt it when he was born.

A good time to adopt a kitten is when the nursing period is over, about the age of one month.

This is because when a newborn baby kitten still needs nutrients from its mother’s milk. He also still learns to socialize with his mother and cat relatives.

On the other hand, the cat socializing period usually occurs at the age of 2-7 weeks. At this age, we can get the cat accustomed to things that he will meet later so that he doesn’t think of it as something dangerous.

Not Understanding the Nature of Cats

Cats are independent animals when compared to dogs.

Therefore, sometimes the cat does not obey or show affection like a dog.

On the other hand, although cats are independent solitary animals, we also need to show concern for cats.

If the cat asks to be accompanied, this means it feels comfortable with us, but the cat doesn’t do it as an instinct, like a dog.

Not Training Cats

Animals do have the instinct to do things with their own knowledge.

However, we also need to train it for certain things.

Before training a cat, we also need to build a good relationship with the cat, so that he doesn’t think of us as a threat.

Unlike training a dog that uses simple and clear instructions, to train a cat the first thing to do is gain the trust of the cat.

The trick is to play with cats, then teach them slowly by fixing when cats do the wrong thing. Surely this must be done gently, yes.

Do not give vaccines

Although our cats are kept in the house, it does not mean that cats can be free from disease, friends.

Cats that are not left out of the house can also get diseases. So we have to check the condition of the cat at the vet and give the vaccine according to its needs.

In addition to vaccines, we should also check and eradicate cat fleas and intestinal worms every three months at the vet, if the cat is always out of the house.

But if the cat doesn’t leave the house, this can be done every six months.

Letting Overweight Cats

Although the fat cat is adorable, the weight of the cat must also be taken care of, lo.

Maintaining your cat’s weight is important so that we can prevent the risk of other diseases.

So, we should ask the vet what is the ideal weight for our cat, so it is not excessive and not less.

We can regulate cat food so that he does not consume excess calories and become overweight or even obese.

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