6 Steps How to Draw Police Cars for Children Easily

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Perhaps we often encounter, police patrol vehicles in charge of escorting along with a group of certain vehicles that they escort pass on a busy highway.
The police car rang the siren to ask other road users to give way to the group.
Police Cars are also one of the very popular children’s toys. Well … this time I will give a tutorial How to easily draw a police car for children with 6 steps that are very practical and easily imitated by children.
I modified the shape of the car in this tutorial so that it is more attractive to children.
This tutorial is very appropriate as a medium for learning to draw for children as a means of cognitive development as well as physical motor.
Please follow the step by step below.

  1. Step 1

    We begin by drawing the front glass. To make it more interesting we add the shape of the eyes and eyebrows.how to draw police car step by step 1

  2. Step 2

    Continue by drawing the top side of the car and the sides including 2 mirrors.how to draw police car step by step 2

  3. Step 3

    The next step you do is draw 2 headlights and place the tires.how to draw police car step by step 3

  4. Step 4

    Detail the front of the car and add a mouth-like shape so the child is more impressed with this drawing activity.how to draw police car step by step 4

  5. step 6

    Police cars are definitely identical to siren lights because of that, Complete the picture of your car with a siren lamp to make it more stable as a police car.how to draw police car step by step 6

  6. step 5

    each car must have wheels, so for the next step, add the shape of 4 car tires like the picture belowhow to draw police car step by step 5

  7. coloring

    Yessss …. we managed to draw a police car with 6 easy steps. It will be more interesting if your police car is colored like the picture below.
    great …. our police car is ready to act to quell crime. Hopefully this activity is fun.how to draw police car step by step

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