Amazing! various things that can be detected by dogs

Dogs are known as animals with a keen sense of smell.

Because of this ability, dogs are used by various parties, such as the police to assist police work.

Police dogs are often involved in the task of finding missing people, searching for prohibited objects, and helping the police and rescue teams to find victims of natural disasters.

Besides, dogs can also be trained to smell and recognize certain diseases.

This is why, dogs also become companion dogs for people who have certain diseases, such as epilepsy, who can find out when a disease experienced by their owner relapses.

Find out things a dog can detect through his keen sense of smell!

  1. Corona Virus

Various studies are still being conducted by scientists to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 caused by the coronavirus.

In addition to trying to create a vaccine, scientists are also developing new ways to detect the coronavirus in the human body.

The way to do this is to train dogs to detect humans infected with this virus.

The training conducted on labrador retrievers is done because the virus is known to have a certain odor and this odor can be detected by dogs.

Even before the dog was known to be able to distinguish viruses that exist in cows, namely diarrhea, herpes, and influenza.

Later, after the dogs have finished training, they will be placed in various public places, such as airports to detect people affected by COVID-19.

  1. Invasive Snake

The smell of dogs that are strong and sharp also helps to detect the presence of other animals, one of which is a snake.

In 2010, two dogs named Ivy and Jake helped officers detect snakes around the park and found 19 dangerous snakes.

While in Florida’s Everglades National Park, detection dogs from Auburn University are also trained to sniff out the existence of Burmese pythons.

As a result, thousands of pythons which are invasive species that often prey on mammals and birds in this national park can be found.

  1. Cancer

Not only the coronavirus, but dogs can also smell and detect cancer cells in the human body.

In 2013, a 75-year-old grandfather learned that there was cancer in his body because of his pet dog.

At that time, the grandfather’s pet dog licked a small lump behind his ear, which turned out to be a lump of cancer.

Previously, there were already several cases where dogs can detect cancer in the human body.

This then makes various studies to train dogs to detect cancer from blood samples.

  1. Truffle mushrooms

There are various types of mushrooms that we can consume, one of which is the truffle herbal medicine which is the most expensive type of mushroom in the world.

The price of truffle mushrooms is very expensive because this fungus grows naturally in the soil and cannot be planted by humans.

Besides, to get the fungus that grows at the root of the oak tree is also not easy, friends, because it is located underground.

That is why, when someone wants to get or find truffle mushrooms, they will deploy dogs to detect the location of truffle mushrooms.

It turns out that the ability of dogs to detect truffles is because when they are ready to harvest, truffles will have a distinctive odor that can be detected by dogs.

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