Animal Farm Coloring Pages For Toddlers

animal farm coloring pages – Do you feel stuck with your current job? What if you swerved into a breeder? This option can be tried if you have a large enough land or yard, not necessarily in the countryside. Some animals are easy to breed and care for and that is quick to make money.

Animal Coloring Pages For Toddlers

Want to know, what farm animals are the most profitable and make money quickly? Find out the answer below!

Animal Coloring Pages For Toddlers

The demand for duck meat in some areas is quite high, especially in Surabaya, where there is a duck rice shop in every corner. Not to mention, the increasing need for salted eggs from ducks. Breeding ducks is also relatively easy and low maintenance. The food is cheap, you can give it bran, tofu dregs to snails.

  1. Chicken
    You can raise chickens for meat or eggs. The feathers can be used as raw material for making feather duster. One of the best broilers is cornish chicken. Within 6-8 weeks, adult roosters can grow up to 3.86 kg and adult hens have a maximum weight of 2.57 kg.

Meanwhile, the best laying hens to raise are Leghorn chickens. A Leghorn chicken can produce 300 eggs per year, said the PBS Pet Travel page. In terms of food, it is easy to find and the price is affordable. Such as rice bran, corn kernels to factory pellets. Try raising a few chickens first in the yard!

  1. Quail

If you don’t have enough land to raise chickens, you can raise quail. Quail is tiny, only 150-200 grams per head, and eggs weigh 7-15 grams per egg. According to Roy’s Farm page, female quail can start laying eggs from 6-7 weeks of age.

A female quail can lay up to 300 eggs per year in the first year. Then, in the second year, egg production decreases to 150-175 eggs per year. These eggs will hatch within 16-18 days. Due to their tiny size, you can raise 6-8 quails per m². Very profitable, and saves space and food!

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