apple tree coloring page free

apple tree coloring page free /Realize … we often forget important things in our life. And then regret it when it’s too late …

apple tree coloring page free
apple tree coloring page free

Once upon a time, in a field there lived an apple tree that was shady and much fruit. Every day, there is a little child who likes to play under the tree. He climbed the tree, sat on a big and strong trunk, ate apples, and even slept in the shade of the tree. He loves the tree, and vice versa the tree. He never objected when the little boy played around him. He even often asked her to joke and tell stories.

apple tree coloring pages to print
apple tree coloring pages to print

Time passed, the child had grown up. One day he visited the apple tree with a sad face.

“Apple, I’m sad,” he said.

“Why are you sad, my son?”

“I don’t have toys, I want to buy toys but I don’t have money,” he said again.

Seeing the child crying, the apple tree felt pity. He dropped several apples from his body. “I have no toys to give you. But you can sell these apples so you have money and can buy toys,” said the apple tree.

Rushing with a happy and excited face, the little boy picked up all the fallen apples and sold them to the market. He also managed to buy the toy he craved.

Unfortunately, he never came back … and sad apple tree.

The child has grown up. He already has a family and children. One time, he was passing in the field. And the apple tree greeted him, “Hey, come here. Come play with me,” he said.

“Ah, I don’t have time to play with you. I have children and a family to feed and shelter. But I don’t have enough money to buy a house,” he complained.

Not having the heart to see the child who has no home, the apple tree said, “Son, I can’t give you a house. But, you can cut my sturdy branches. Build a house with my chains so that your family and children are no longer cold, rainy. and it’s hot. ” said the apple tree.

Overjoyed at the apple tree idea, the boy took a saw and chopped branches of the apple tree with gusto.

Unfortunately, he didn’t come back again … and the apple tree was sad.

A few years later, the boy returned with a tired and sluggish face.

“Hi, come here. Come play with me,” said the apple tree, excited to see the child back.

“No, I don’t have time to play with you. I’m old. I feel bored. I want to entertain myself and sail the great oceans. Can you give me a big ship?” asked the child.

“Hmm … I can’t give you a big ship. But, you can cut my tree trunk and make it into a ship,” said the apple tree sincerely.

Thus the boy cut the trunk of a large apple tree. Turn it into a ship and go sailing. He left the apple tree where now there were only weak roots.

The apple tree was sad and prayed that the child could come back again.

It was true that the apple tree had guessed, one day, the boy came back to visit him. But he was very old and weak. He looks very tired.

“Hey kid, come here. I don’t have anything I can give you. No apples, no branches or trunks of my tree,” he said.

“No, I don’t need your apples. My teeth are no longer strong to bite them. I don’t need your branches either, my body is too weak to climb them,” said the boy.

“Then what do you need from me? You’ve already taken my fruit, I gave you my chains, you even made my rods into ships. Now I live with weak and old roots. I am helpless,” said the apple tree.

The little boy knelt and wept by the old root. “I’m sorry, I almost made you die and helpless. I have taken everything from you and often left you. Now, let me lie next to you. I’m too tired, and I just need a place to rest, the last time.”

“Come here son, I will give you a quiet resting place for the rest of your life …” said the apple tree with a wide smile.

The apple tree here reminds us of old people. When we were little, we invited us to play, feed, and pamper. However, when we grow up, we often forget about it. We ask a lot, we demand a lot, and only come when we have a problem.

Don’t let our parents live like an apple tree with only its roots. Turn your parents into a fruitful apple tree that grows healthily into old age.

Until it becomes a happy apple tree.

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