ash greninja coloring page

greninja coloring page – Greninja (ゲ ッ コ ウ ガ Gekkōga, / ɡrɛˈnɪndʒə / ​​greh-nin-jə) is a Pokémon species in the Nintendo series and the Pokémon Freak Game, introduced in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, and is now appearing in Pokemon media stores. This is the last evolution of Froakie.

ash greninja coloring page
ash greninja coloring page

Greninja can make ninja stars out of pressure water. When rotated and thrown at high speed, the stars can grind metal.

greninja pokemon coloring page
greninja pokemon coloring page

Greninja is a bipedal Pokémon, like a frog. It is generally dark blue with a yellow chest, a white triangle marked on each eye, a blue star with four apex on each thigh, and yellow on the lower part of the face.

His red eyes with white pupils and his mouth were hidden on a large pink tongue that covered his neck and protruded from the outside of his head. Running in the middle of the head there is a fin-like extension, and there are the same fins on each side of the head. Light blue weave connects the fins. There are large white foam bumps on each elbow and knee. The hind legs have two toes, while the front legs have three. Each digit has a bulbous edge and a yellow webbing.

Greninja moves with speed and grace ninja. Using quick movements to confuse the enemy when sliced ​​with a weapon made of compressed water, there are usually throwing stars. The throwing stars are sharp enough to split metal. Formerly, Water Shuriken and Mat Block were signature moves.

Through a transformation called the Bond Phenomenon, Ash’s Greninja in the anime and Greninja who have Battle Bond Ability in Generation VII can be transformed into an alternative form called Ash-Greninja. In this form, the Greninja skin becomes a softer blue color, and the face can be red and the cheeks and side fins turn black, moreover it is similar to Ash’s hair. The legs are stronger in this shape, and can produce large Water Shurikens in the back.

Main appearance
Ash’s Greninja
Ash’s Frogadier thrives into Greninja at the Decision Festival! while fighting with Bishop Heidayu. He soon regained his ability to become an Ash-Greninja.

Sanpei’s Greninja
Greninja appeared in A Stealthy Challenge !, under the ownership of Sanpei. Reappear in Legend of Ninja Heroes! and the Decision Festival !. Commonly seen outside the Poké Ball.

Greninja debuted in A Rush of Ninja Wisdom !, owned by Ippei, but only in fantasy. Greninja made her physical debut in The Legend of the Ninja Hero !, then reappeared in the next episode.

A Greninja appeared in Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, owned by Riot. These are the main Pokémon, usually helping them when they steal.

Looks minor
Greninja appeared in the opening sequence of Volcanion and Marvel Mechanics, while growing up from Froakie and Frogadier.

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