Beautiful mermaid coloring pages

Beautiful mermaid coloring pages – Friends, since centuries ago, the Ocean has kept mysteries and haunted stories such as sea monsters.

beautiful mermaid coloring pages

This is what makes ocean exploration an adventure that many find challenging.

One of the creatures that often appear from past stories is a mermaid.

Beautiful mermaid coloring pages

Mythologies about mermaids are manifold. Each story has a different character description, origins, and personality.

One of the depictions of mermaids is in the Oddysey milotography which originated in Ancient Greece.

In this mythology there is a character named Siren. Sirens are depicted as having bird-shaped bodies and flying while seducing sailors.

Over time, this Siren figure is finally described as a mermaid with a fishtail.

Although Siren has a cruel personality, in some versions it is also said that he did good things such as helping stray sailors find their way home.

beautiful mermaid coloring pages

My friends, Christopher Columbus also saw strange creatures on his way to the Dominican Republic.

Christoper Colombus described the creature he saw as a mermaid in ancient mythology.

The marine animals that Columbus discovered today are known as manatees. This mammal is in the order Sirenia, the name is taken from the figure of Siren.

Beginning of the story

Siren was originally told as a maid from Persefon who is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter.

When Persephone is kidnapped by the God of Death (Hades), Demeter gives Siren wings to find Persephone.

However, the search was fruitless and made him give up and live on Anthemoissa Island. It was around the island that Siren always bothered passing sailors.

As the Odyssey passes through the area, he tells his crew to cover their ears so as not to hear the Sirens singing.

The sound of Siren singing is believed to have killed and plunged the crew.

Just Myth

Sirens are of course only characters in stories that existed in the past.

However, the story of a mermaid is being discussed again when Christoper Columbus said that he met a mermaid.

Even so, there is an assumption that what Columbus encountered was manatees or so-called sea oxen.

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