Brachiosaurus coloring pages printable

Brachiosaurus is a dinosaur with an unusual physical form.

Various fossils have been found mainly in the Morrison Formation in North America, with a shape that does not resemble any other dinosaurs that ever lived in the region.

brachiosaurus coloring pages

The Brachiosaurus’ long neck made it look like a giraffe and had forelegs that were longer than the hind legs.

These dinosaurs lived between 156 million and -145 million years ago during the middle to late Jurassic Period.

It is not entirely known whether Brachiosaurus was a warm or cold-blooded animal.

brachiosaurus coloring page

Some scientists believe that these animals are gigantotherms or a mixture of warm and cold-blooded.

With a height of 12 m to 16 m, Brachiosaurus is one of the tallest dinosaurs. This animal is estimated to have a length from head to tail of about 26 m.

When fossils were first discovered, Brachiosaurus was considered the largest dinosaur, but other sauropods related to Giraffatitan were believed to be several meters taller than Brachiosaurus.

Other brachiosaurids, including Argentinosaurus and Supersaurus, were also thought to be heavier than Brachiosaurus at 22.7 tonnes.

This dinosaur skull had a wide snout and thick jawbones and had 52 spoon-shaped teeth – 26 on each jaw – which was perfect for snatching up plants.

At first, paleontologists believed that the Brachiosaurus lived mostly in water because its nostrils were at the top of the head, which was shaped like an egg.

But now scientists believe that their relatively small body and foot shape are not suitable for aquatic life.

Unlike most other sauropods, Brachiosaurus had an ascending back to accommodate forelegs that were longer than the hind legs.

Paleontologists believe that its long neck (10 meters) is more often in a horizontal position than it is vertical (toward the paper).

It took a very large heart muscle to pump blood to the Brachiosaurus head in a vertical position, so some scientists believe its head was in a horizontal position except when it was grabbing tall plants while eating.

With a large body shape, it is estimated that Brachiosaurus did not have natural predators.

While there were many contemporary flesh-eating dinosaurs such as Allosaurus, Ceratosaurus, and Torvosaurus, these predators would likely have chosen smaller prey.

What Did Brachiosaurus Eat?

Brachiosaurus is thought to eat a variety of trees such as conifers, gingkoes and cycads. Adult brachiosaurs had to eat up to 181 kilograms of plants every day to survive.
Brachiosauruses are thought to have lived in swarms that moved after vegetation depleted in certain areas.
Scientists believe that Brachiosaurus immediately swallowed its food whole because its teeth were suitable for tearing up plants but could not be used for chewing.

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