Bus Coloring Page Printable

Bus Coloring Page Printable – Public transportation (also known as public transportation or mass transportation) is a passenger transportation service by a group travel system available for use by the general public, usually managed on a schedule, operated on a defined route, and charged for each trip.

printable school bus coloring page

Public modes of transportation include city buses, trams (or light rail) and trains, fast trains (metro / subway / underground, etc.) and ferries. Intercity public transportation is dominated by airlines, intercity buses, trains and intercity trains. High-speed rail networks are being developed in many parts of the world. Most public transport systems run along fixed routes with stopping points on prearranged schedules. Shared taxis offer on-demand service in many parts of the world, and some services will wait until the vehicle is full before the taxi departs.

school bus coloring page printable
school bus coloring page printable

Urban public transport is very different in Asia, North America and Europe. In Asia, private and public-owned, profit-driven mass transport and real estate conglomerates operate largely public transport systems. In North America, municipal transport authorities most frequently run mass transit operations. In Europe, whether state-owned or private companies predominantly operate mass transport systems, public transport services can be profit-driven using distance-based fares or be funded by government subsidies where a flat rate is charged to each passenger.

Bus services use buses on conventional roads to carry large numbers of passengers on trips over short distances. Buses operate at low capacity (compared to trams or trains), and can operate on conventional roads, with relatively inexpensive buses stopping to serve passengers. Therefore the bus is a public transportation used in small cities and large urban areas, in rural areas it is also equipped with shuttle services to big cities.

Bus rapid transit is an ambiguous term used for buses operating on rail lines. Electric buses are electric-based buses that use a wire over the train to get power for traction.

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