Cannot Draw a Horse? Follow this method for easy drawing of a horse!

Time needed: 11 minutes.

Who said that drawing a horse is difficult? I’ll tell you how to draw a horse, whether it’s colored or black and white, want to use a pencil or painting, which is definitely easy for you to follow. All you need is intention and will, you can definitely draw a horse.
But, what kind of horse are we going to make? Like the original? Cartoon? or anime? Relax, you just keep scrolling and you will find a picture of a horse, which, hopefully, you want!
Let’s Go!

  1. Step 1

    First we make the shape of the face and head of the horse. If it’s easy, just draw it like the letter ‘U’ or if you want it to be more realistic, make it look like the image to draw horse easy step by step

  2. step 2

    Draw a pair of ears, shaped like a to draw a horse easy for beginners

  3. Step 3

    Draw the neck of the front and back of the to draw horse in easy method

  4. Step 4

    Drawing of eyes, nose, and mouth. You can mimic the picture above or the image as you to draw a horse easy and cute

  5. step 5

    Make the front legs first, then draw the back legs. You are about the distance between the front and back to draw a horse body easy

  6. step 6

    Draw the upper body, starting from the upper neck. Then, the back slightly protrudes to the buttocks. And you can draw the lower body or to draw a horse easy cartoon

  7. step 7

    Just like the first foot picture, draw the front foot of the other side then draw the foot of the back side of the other side.drawing a horse easy

  8. Step 9

    We are almost done. Draw a tail like the number 2 that is bumpy, and draw a line on the lower leg for a nail or horse shoe to draw horse easy way

  9. Step 9

    Draw horse hair between the ears and upper neck. Make wavy to draw horse easy step by step

how, easy reversal. congratulations you are now able to draw horses well
with a little practice you can definitely become a great painter.

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