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Image is a combination of points, lines, fields, and colors that are useful for imaging something. Since childhood, we are taught how to draw and color simply. An example is coloring pictures of animals and landscapes on paper media.

coloring pages for kids zoo animals
coloring pages for kids zoo animals

To produce a beautiful image, a sketch must be appropriately colored. Accuracy is required in coloring the image. Here’s how to color animals and a collection of pictures that we can use to practice blending colors.

How to Color Animal Pictures
Animals or animals are objects that teachers use to train students to draw and color. Coloring animals is more difficult than coloring trees, landscapes, flowers, and houses.

coloring pages printable animals
coloring pages printable animals

So that the process of coloring animal pictures can be done easily, here are some tips for coloring animal paintings, namely:

  1. Pay attention to the color gradation
    Color gradation is the main thing that needs to be considered when coloring an image. Pictures or paintings will appear more real when we can provide appropriate color gradations.
  2. Avoid Too High Gradation
    Although it is important to pay attention to the gradations, avoid choosing colors with excessive gradation levels. For example, when coloring the outer image of an animal with a reddish-orange color, the inner side of the image should use a lighter color two levels, such as neutral orange or yellowish-orange.
  3. Don’t Choose Background Color More Striking Than Object Color
    Choosing a background color that is too contrasting and striking will dim the main object or image. Avoid this mistake because it will mess up the focus of the image object.

Therefore, choose a background color that is darker than the object’s color. These tips will also show the impression of the object as the center of the entire image area.

  1. Ensure Background Color Appropriate Animal Habitat
    To give a real impression to the color of the animal image, choose a color according to the habitat and environment in which the animal lives. For example, give a blue color for a water background or a green color for a forest background.
  2. Starting from the edge / outer side
    The last tip for coloring animal pictures is to color the image from the outermost part then towards the center. The purpose of this coloring method is to make the image tidier and with the maximum touch of gradation.
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