Coloring Pages For Girls Flowers free Printable

Coloring Pages For Girls Flowers – Various kinds of flowers are often used to decorate gardens, parks and other places. Do you want to try it in the yard? Come on, maximize it with this type of flower!

When planted in a pot, the stems and leaves will not propagate too much on the ground, especially if the soil is flooded with water.

free coloring pages for girls-flowers
free coloring pages for girls-flowers

The beauty of petunias can be enjoyed as both a garden element and grown individually in pots.

cute coloring pages for girls flowers
cute coloring pages for girls flowers
  1. Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers are one of a variety of flowers originating from East Asia.

From ancient times until now, hibiscus is popular as an ornamental plant in tropical and subtropical areas.

The distinctive feature of hibiscus flowers is that they are large, red in color and odorless.

The inhabitants of Sumatra and Malaysia refer to hibiscus flowers as the main flower.

Meanwhile, the Javanese know him by a different term, namely worawari flower.

In general, the height of the hibiscus flower can reach about 2 to 5 meters with oval leaves with pointed leaf tips.

Hibiscus can be grown year-round in the tropics or in greenhouses, while in subtropical areas it blooms from summer to fall.

Apart from its beauty, it turns out that this hibiscus flower has various functions, you know …

Starting from India, they use hibiscus to polish shoes and also offer flowers.

In China, the red flower is most clearly used as a food coloring agent.

apart from being an ornamental plant, hibiscus leaves and flowers are used in various traditional medicines by drying them and then drinking them as tea.

Wow, it’s unique too! Besides being unsightly, hibiscus is also multipurpose.

Given that Indonesia has a tropical climate, so we can plant hibiscus flowers anytime in the yard.

  1. Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a popular ornamental flower with a small tree-like shape that is difficult to grow upright.

Seeing from the appearance of its colorful plants, bougainvillea seems to be a very popular ornamental plant because of its beautiful colors and easy way of caring for it.

A native of South America, bougainvillea is often grown in parks and residential areas.

This plant is often called a paper flower because of its thin flower shape and has paper-like features.

Not only is it an ornamental plant, but bougainvillea also has other functions such as …

Hair ornaments, a mixture of flowers for the siraman ceremony, and funeral ceremonies for the Chinese and Indians.

The colors of bougainvillea vary from orange, bright red, pink, pale red, yellow, purple, white, and various color mixes.

Interested in planting bougainvillea in the yard or pot? Maintenance is easy, you know!

In fact, how to care for bougainvillea does not take long because this plant species is very suitable to be planted in tropical and equatorial climates such as Indonesia.

In addition, this plant also has tight tendrils, wide, oblong leaves …

So, it is able to form a main grove in the area of ​​the house yard or also as a hedge plant in an attractive area.

A little quick maintenance, water sprays and perfect fertilization, can restore the freshness of this paper flower plant in less than two weeks.

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