Coloring pages for girls free printable

Coloring pages for girls – There are many things that parents and children can do to spend time together, one of which is by making various works of art such as drawing and coloring. Moreover, drawing and coloring is useful for children’s development.

coloring pages for girls printable
coloring pages for girls printable

art or art is not only useful for filling spare time because there are many benefits of drawing and coloring for children. Drawing and coloring in terms of motor skills can help children’s hand coordination.

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Drawing can also be a right and left brain stimulus. The left brain makes us more realistic, practical, and analytical.

If balanced using the right brain, the analysis used can use empathy, intuition. For realistic children, they are more able to see other people’s positions,

Other benefits of drawing and coloring are as a means of communication and expressing yourself and feelings. You can also get better mental health from drawing and coloring.

When drawing, we focus on that activity only, so the problems we experience can be forgotten for a moment. In children, this can also make them relax in dealing with various things. With art, children can also express negative emotions that can hinder their mental development

Like adults, children can be stressed. The cause, there are internal and external factors. Mutia said, internal factors such as hunger, feeling sick, especially for children with chronic diseases, sensitivity to sound, changes in temperature, and human density.

On the other hand, external factors include changes in family composition, divorce, quarrels, bullying, loss of something valuable, or repeated assignments.

“The bad impact of stress on the child’s physical condition, the child is prone to illness, babies at an early age experience stress, they are more prone to asthma.

Due to stress, children are emotionally unstable, irritable, have behavioral problems, are not disciplined, are indifferent to their parents, are lazy. The psychological condition of children is related to their development.

If he is happy and stable, tends to be able to develop, achieve his goals, has great learning ability, good relationships with other people and good mental endurance,

drawing and coloring can be a place to hone children’s abilities and creativity. With art, children can also improve their intellectual intelligence and social skills.

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