Colouring pages Peppa pig Christmas

Peppa Pig or Peppa pig in Quebec, Belgium and Monaco is a British animated television series created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker, produced by Astley Baker Davies and Entertainment One3, and broadcast since September 4, 20041 on Five.

colouring pages peppa pig print
colouring pages peppa pig print

In France, the series has been broadcast since March 26, 2006 on TiJi, rebroadcast on France 5 in Zouzous since December 19, 2011 and rebroadcast on France 4 also in Zouzous. It also airs on Nickelodeon Junior. In Quebec, the series is broadcast from September 1, 2008 on Yoopa

This series features a family of pigs, the Pig family, and particularly the girl, Peppa, who loves to laugh and jump with both feet in mud puddles with her little brother Georges.

peppa pig and friends colouring pages
peppa pig and friends colouring pages

Among the main characters, can be cited within the Pig5 family:

Peppa Pig – This is the main character of the series. She loves jumping in mud puddles, playing with her teddy bear called Teddy, thinking she’s the prettiest and going to the playground. Peppa is four years old as shown in the My Birthday episode.

Georges Pig – He’s Peppa’s younger brother. He is often seen with his favorite toy, a dinosaur which is named “Mr. Dinosaur”. His hot tears are present in many episodes and are his specialty. Often he cries because he is afraid of something, or because of Peppa teasing him. George is two years old as shown in the George Birthday episode. He is the only character whose name does not begin with the same letter as his species. He has the best breath of his family, which allows him to play the horn.
Mom Pig – Mom Pig is the mother of Peppa and George. She works at home on her computer. She also works as a volunteer firefighter in Season 3. Like most of the adult characters (except Madame Gazelle).
Papa Pig – Papa Pig, is the father of Peppa and George. In the episode La Nouvelle Maison, we learn that he works as an architect. He wears glasses because of his poor eyesight.
Grandpa Pig – He’s Mom Pig’s dad and Peppa and George’s grandfather. He enjoys gardening and sailing. Although the two often argue, he is Grandpa Dog’s best friend. He has a train that runs without rails named Gertrude.
Mamy Pig – She is Mum Pig’s mother and Peppa and George’s grandmother. She loves the scent. She grows apples in her orchard near her house as well as vegetables in her garden.
Chloe Pig – She’s Peppa and George’s cousin, and Alexander’s big sister. She is friends with Belinda Bear and they like to tease Peppa. She is wearing a yellow dress. Due to her older age she does not go to the same school as Peppa and George.
Secondary characters
Ms. Gazelle – She is the teacher of all the children in the series, she was also the teacher of all the parents.
Mr Zebra – Zoe Zebbra’s daddy, a friend and friend of Peppa, he is a postman and handyman in his spare time.
Suzy Sheep – She’s Peppa’s Best Friend
Richard Rabbit – He’s George’s Best Friend
Miss Rabbit – Plays several supporting roles including the ice cream seller and the cashier at the grocery store. In the third season, she takes a day off, which creates discord in the community.
Madam Rabbit – Not to be confused with Miss Rabbit, her sister is the mother of Richard and Rebecca Rabbit.
Danny Dog -He is a boy dog, who loves soccer and boat trips.

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