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We’re not talking about a cute fluffy cat in a tutu. These animals will make you grim when you see them.

  1. Quokka

Quokkas are called the “happiest animals” because of their smiling faces. If you point the camera at him or take a selfie with him, he will immediately smile. The quokka is a type of marsupial that can be found on the island of Rottnest, Perth. But don’t try to catch the beast, it could cost AUD 300.

cute coloring pages of animals
  1. Ili Pika

Ili Pika has a face like a teddybear but the shape of his ears is like a rabbit. This animal was first discovered in TianShan Mountain, China in 1983. But its figure was never seen again until 2014. Researchers still think this animal is a mysterious beast.

  1. Sugar Glider

This big-eyed nocturnal animal is indeed very adorable. In Indonesia, sugar gliders are better known as Possum. The Sugar Glider’s original habitat in Australia, but they can also be found on Halmahera Island and Maluku.

  1. Stoat

The shape is exactly like a weasel but smaller in size. Be careful, don’t be fooled by his cute face, because stoat is a wild animal. Its teeth are very sharp and can tear anything it bites.

  1. Opossum

It’s a large possum. The size is equivalent to a cat. To avoid enemies, possums will usually pretend to be dead and not move at all, so that the enemy loses the urge to chase them.

  1. Golden Brushtail Possum

This is also a possum breed but smaller in size. The golden color of the fur makes the animal’s cute level increase. This type of possum can be found in Sydney, Australia.

6.Pygmy Rabbit
This is the smallest breed of rabbit in the world. This type of rabbit has a habitat in North America. In 2002, this type of rabbit was threatened with extinction, only 16 rabbits were left to survive. Luckily, the Oregon Zoo is doing some conservation that has brought the rabbit population back up again.

  1. Long-Eared Jerboa

Jerboa is a type of mouse that jumps. At first glance, it looks like a rabbit, but this animal has a very long tail. Besides that, the very large size of the ears also makes this animal look even cuter.

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