Disney Junior pj masks coloring pages

pj masks coloring pages – Synopsis of PJ Mask This film tells the story of three normal children who have activities during the day. But at night, they will become heroes wearing masks.

pj mask coloring pages gekko

Usually, the problem occurred during the day when they were at school. And their job, to solve the problem at night. There will be many ideas and strategies they use in solving problems. They are very familiar with each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

owlette pj masks coloring page
owlette pj masks coloring page

They decide to act at night because they think bedtime is the right time to fight crime.
To get to know the three main characters, here is a description of each character:
Catboy (Connor) Catboy is the leader of the trio of heroes as well as the oldest. He has incredible speed and can hear voices over long distances. One of his weaknesses is that he is afraid of water.

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Owlette (Amaya) Owlette has a sharp mind and super planning skills. He is fast acting and can fly. Owlette also has amazing eyesight. When he flaps his powerful wings, he can blow bad guys into the air.

Gekko (Greg) Gekko is the youngest member of the team. Even though he is the youngest, his strength cannot be underestimated. His camouflage technique is the best. Gekko has great muscle strength. Apart from that, he can also climb walls and walk underwater.

List of PJ Mask voice actors
Kyle Breitkopf as Gekko / Greg
Addison Holley as Amaya / Owlette
Juan Luis Bonilla as PJ Robot
Brianna Daguanno as Luna Girl Jacob Ewaniuk as Catboy / Connor
Alex Thorne as Romeo
Devan Cohen as Night Ninja

PJ Mask’s animated series is directed by Christian De Vita, Merle-Anne Ridley, and Wilson Dos Santos.

While the scriptwriters are Lisa Akhurst, Tim Bain, Brad Birch, Justine Cheynet, Tony Cooke, Christian De Vita, Gerard Foster, Andrew Healey, Ashley Mendoza, Rachel Murrell, Simon Nicholson, Allan Plenderleith, Romuald, Marc Seal, Stephen Senders, Danny Stack, Tom Stevenson, Jonah Stroh, and Diane Whitley.

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