Disney princess coloring pages cinderella to print

coloring pages cinderella – It seems like everyone knows about Cinderella fairy tales. The most well-known Cinderella fairy tale originated in France was written by Charles Perrault in 1697.

disney princess coloring pages cinderella to print
disney princess coloring pages cinderella to print

However, history proves that the early versions of the Cinderella story are even older, one historical record says that this fairy tale originated in China in 860, written in The Miscellaneous Record of Yu Yang by Mr. Ch’ing-Shih, a literary work that was even known during the Tang Dynasty (Wikipedia source).

simple cinderella coloring pages

In ancient times, in a Kingdom. Leave a very beautiful and kind-hearted daughter. He lives with both his sister and stepmother. His father and mother are dead.

coloring pages of cinderella and prince charming

He was forced to do his homework every day. Every day he was always tortured. But he still loved his mother and stepbrother, even though they were already very mean to him. Her very evil sisters call her “Cinderella”, which means “very dirty girl” which they think is a fitting name for Cinderella.

cinderella coloring pages
cinderella coloring pages

One day there was a dance party invitation from the palace for all the girls. A lucky girl can marry a very handsome Prince. His mother and two step-sisters were very happy to hear the news.

disney princess coloring pages cinderella to print
disney princess coloring pages cinderella to print

“I really want to go to the Palace right away, and dance with the Prince,” said his eldest sister.

“Hi, do not dream, sister, I am more beautiful than you, if I become Princess Raja later, I will definitely be very proud and happy.” His second sister replied with a radiant face.

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“Whoever among you will marry the Prince, it will make the mother very happy, our family will be seen.” “Said his stepmother mediating between his two children.

The day has come. They wear the most beautiful and very expensive dresses. Her two stepbrothers started dressing very beautifully. Cinderella really wanted to come and ask her mother.

“Can I go to the dance party with you?” He asked in a pleading voice.

‘‘ Haha, you stupid Cinderella! You stay at home as long as we go, clean all the rooms, wash the dishes and clothes, and you are very ugly. The prince will not see you even if you come there. ” His stepmother replied insultingly.

“You even smell very Cinderella. If you come, you will embarrass us! ” Added his older sister.

“But I really want to go with you,” Cinderella tried to maintain her desire.

Even though Cinderella had already applied, her mother and sister did not allow her to come to the handsome prince sanga party.

Cinderella’s mother and sisters went with fancy jewelry. While Cinderella entered the room, she was very sad and said. “I really want to go. If only I could go to a dance party and meet the Prince. But I also can not go with dirty clothes and smell like this, but I really want to go. ” He said in his heart. Cinderella cried in the room.

Suddenly there was a very bright light and a roaring sound beside him. A very kind Mother Fairy appeared. “Cinderella, stop crying.” She was very surprised next to her there was a fairy mother with a friendly smile. “I am a fairy mother who will help you go to the dance party. But before that you have to find six Mice, six Lizards, and a Golden Pumpkin. You can get it in the backyard, and then bring it here. ”

Cinderella immediately finds the Golden Pumpkin, six Mice and six Lizards. Cinderella immediately took him. The fairy mother approached them one by one and with her cane the Golden Pumpkin turned into a very beautiful Gold Cart. to six Mice turned into six Golden Horses. And the lizard became a bodyguard with a strong body. Cinderella was shocked. Then, the fairy mother approached her and with her wand Cinderella’s very ugly and dirty clothes turned into a very shiny Gold Gown with very beautiful and sparkling jewelry.

While his feet, there is a very beautiful pair of glass shoes. Cinderella danced very happily, before she left, the fairy mother ordered.

“Cinderella, the effect of this magic will disappear after the twelve o’clock bell.” Therefore, at exactly twelve o’clock in the evening you have to leave the dance.

” All right, fairy godmother. I will remember this message and leave the party at exactly 12 at night. Thank you fairy godmother. ” Cinderella replied and he immediately got into his vehicle.

When Cinderella arrived at the party she looked very beautiful. He immediately entered the palace hall. Once he entered. All eyes are on him. They were very surprised and very amazed by the beauty of Cinderella. Even her mother and two stepsisters did not recognize who this beautiful Princess was.

“The princess is very beautiful.”

“What country is that beautiful princess.” They asked.

The handsome prince went over to Cinderella. ” Daughter, you are very beautiful. Will you dance with me? ”Said Pengeran.

“Yes, I want a Prince.” Cinderella replied with a smile.

They both danced happily. The prince said, “You are the woman I have been looking for.” Cinderella was very happy and lost track of time. As it turned out, the clock was approaching twelve o’clock.

“I’m sorry Prince, I have to go home.” Cinderella pulled her hand from the Prince’s grasp and immediately ran out of the palace.

Suddenly on his way out of the palace. Her shoe fell off next door. Cinderella kept running. Prince ran after him and found Cinderella’s glass slipper in the middle of the stairs. Prince immediately took the shoes.

“I’ll find the owner of these shoes.” He said to himself.

Cinderella returned to being a dirty and dusty girl. However, she was very happy to be able to go party and dance with the Prince.

One morning, the Prince and his Soldiers went from house to house in search of a foot that matched the glass slipper. He searched all over the country for matching glass slipper. However, none of them were a match.

Finally arrived at Cinderella’s house, her two sisters were very happy and couldn’t wait to try on the shoes.

” Excuse me. We’re looking for a girl whose feet match these glass slipper. ”Said the Guards.

The two stepsisters tried the glass slipper. Their legs were both too big but kept forcing them in. The guards saw Cinderella. ” Hey, you. Over here. Try these shoes! ”

Cinderella stuck her foot into the shoe. As it turns out, the glass slipper fits perfectly.

“It turns out, you are the princess that the Prince is looking for.” Said one of the guards happily.

“Cinderella, congrats …” Cinderella immediately looked back.

There stood the benevolent Fairy Godmother. “Live happily with the Prince.” He said. The fairy godmother went straight to and grinded her wand and cast a spell. ” Sim Salaaaabim .. ‘

Cinderella turned into a Princess wearing a very beautiful dress. The guards immediately took Cinderella to the Palace. Arriving at the palace. Prince greeted her happily and smiled. Cinderella and Prince finally married and lived very happily ever after

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