eagle coloring pages easy

This time what will be explained is about the eagle. This bird, which you can easily find in Indonesia, is characterized by a muscular, large body and of course has extra strength. And what stands out the most about this kind of bird is its long and strong beak.

eagle coloring pages easy
eagle coloring pages easy

Characteristics of an Eagle

If you have never seen it and are still curious about how charming this bird is, you can listen to the explanation of its characteristics below.

Has Beak
The eagle is closely related to its long but toothless beak. The beak is curved and very sturdy or strong so that it will easily hunt prey.

eagle coloring pages easy
eagle coloring pages easy

Breeding by laying eggs
Like poultry in general, this eagle reproduces by laying eggs. These animals have prepared the safety and comfort of their children by making hard shells in their nests so that the children can avoid danger until they can fly.

Predator Animals
The eagle is a predatory animal, this bird preys on mammals that have small bodies such as mice, fish, chickens, and several other small animals.

eagle coloring pages easy

Sturdy Legs
In addition to its long and strong beak, this type of bird has sturdy legs and sharp, curved nails. Its function is to easily grip its prey.

Sharp Eyesight
To find prey, this bird is also helped by its sharp eyesight. This sense of sight can see prey from a considerable distance so that this bird can start getting ready to grab prey from afar.

Good Respiratory System
Before flying, this bird has prepared and equipped itself with a lot of oxygen, so that when flying, this type of bird does not worry about running out of oxygen because it can regulate good breathing.

Human-Like Heart Organ
The heart organ of this bird is almost the same as that of humans, which has four chambers. The upper chamber is the atrium and the lower part is the ventricle.

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