fire truck coloring page printable

fire truck coloring page – hello friends, it’s nice to be back with you this time we will color the fire engine, along with the recent fires, firefighters must be alert and dexterous in carrying out their duties.

printable fire truck coloring page
printable fire truck coloring page

In carrying out their duties, firefighters need qualified fire trucks.

Following are the types of fire engines.

  1. Foam Tender Truck
    This fire engine is specifically for spraying foam or foam. Foam or foam itself is useful for reducing flames quickly.
  2. Pump Truck
    This fire truck is specialized to carry the pump as well as collect water from the fire site.
  3. Turntable Tender And Snorkle
    This truck is used when a fire occurs at a high location, and usually, the size of this truck is bigger than other fire trucks.

Fire extinguishers have the main duties are:

. Fire prevention and control
. Fire fighting
. Victim Rescue
. community development
. Handling of hazardous materials

the main job of the firefighter is to put out the fire. However, lately, the task of firefighting is not only that but also rescue and disaster management.

fire truck coloring pages printable free
fire truck coloring pages printable free

The sentence that reads, “Never go home before the fire goes out, even though the life is at stake” is displayed in several corners of the Fire and Rescue Office.

Yes, that is the principle of work professionalism that is upheld by all firefighters. Wearing orange vests, helmets, and boots, they are on standby for duty in the field.

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