firefighter coloring pages for preschoolers

In the event of a fire, firefighters are always at the forefront of protecting a person’s life and minimizing the loss as possible from the impact of a fire disaster. However, the job of firefighters is not only to put out a fire when a fire occurs.

firefighter coloring pages

A firefighter is required to be able to carry out prevention and rescue. Prevention efforts are usually carried out by educating the public on how to detect potential fires as early as possible.

fireman coloring pages for preschoolers

Meanwhile, to hone the skills of firefighters, there are routine fire hazard management simulations in office buildings. Besides, firefighting preparedness is not only needed when a fire occurs, but also when a disaster occurs.

Fire officers are also in charge of evacuating victims of floods, earthquakes, and so on. Not infrequently firefighters are also asked to help save animals.

firefighting is one of the most risky professions in the world. With heat-resistant clothing, helmets, and boots, firefighters must risk their lives to enter the building that is the source of the fire.

A fireman should not be afraid of heights and dark spaces, if he can be good at swimming, because you are very likely to handle cases of fires in skyscrapers.

Roles and Responsibilities

Carry out fire fighting.

Save lives from the threat of fire and other disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and so on.

Take action to prevent fire.

Providing socialization and educating the public about procedures for prevention, fire fighting and rescue.

Perform maintenance of facilities and infrastructure for prevention, fire fighting and rescue.

Store, distribute and control logistics.

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