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free coloring pages for kids batman – Who doesn’t know Batman? Maybe all DC fans and fans of superhero films have at least heard of this Batman figure.

coloring pages for boys batman

Batman is one of the iconic Superhero characters in DC Comics. For those of you who like Batman,

kids batman coloring pages

New 52 rebooted DC Universe after the Flashpoint incident in 2011. There are some unanswered questions when it comes to some of the characters and their origins. This is because the universe’s timeline has been cut by 5 years when the superheroes were still active.

So Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo spent a whole year with Batman and exploring Bruce Wayne’s new origins in a comic called Zero Year.

The first years of Batman’s career went from being vigilante to costumed symbols. He is also the beginning of a new threat to Batman’s classic enemy in the comics, namely the Riddler.

Zero Year is the answer to the escape of Snyder and Capullo because it gives them complete freedom to tell their story. The comic even gives readers the opportunity to take a look at post-apocalyptic Gotham City that has grown too large.

  1. I Am Gotham

Snyder probably dominates the story from the New 52 Batman. But DCU’s Rebirth brought in a new writer who would shape the story of the next few years of the adventures of the Dark Knight, Tom King.

The Rebirth series of the new Batman comic was launched by King and David Finch with the storyline “I am Gotham”.

From the first issue, it’s clear that King has a unique take on Batman. Because this problem relates to Batman preparing to sacrifice himself to save a crashed plane, before the arrival of two new metahumans named Gotham and Gotham Girl.

The story written by King is so full of surprises that it makes his journey in this series flawless.

  1. The Button

Batman is perhaps known as the best fighter and most prepared hero in the DC Universe. But one of his least-celebrated titles is the world’s greatest detective, as that is so rarely the focus of his cinematic adaptations on the big screen.

Thankfully his detective status in the comics has been well documented and explored frequently. As with the comic story line “The Button”.

The crossover between the Batman title and The Flash has put the Justice League’s investigative minds together, They work together on a secret case involving the iconic Comedian pin from Watchmen.

The Button then continues the ongoing Flashpoint storyline. The comic features the consequences of Flash’s interference in the flow of time which will be explored further at Doomsday Clock.

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