Free Pokemon Coloring Pages For Kids

free pokemon coloring pages for kids – Who doesn’t know Pikachu? Yep, the mascot of the Pokemon series whose popularity even reaches an international level.

His cute and adorable form makes him one of the most liked and recognized characters in the world.

However, do you know that there are some unique facts about this cute Pokemon? Instead of curious longer, let’s watch this article together!

Currently, Pikachu has become the mascot of Pokemon, but in the beginning, Pikachu was not made a mascot but a pokemon called Clefairy. However, thanks to the popularity of the anime and his closeness to Ash as the main character in the anime, Pikachu’s popularity shot up dramatically.

The name Pikachu comes from 2 words, namely “Pika” and “Chu”. “Pika” in Japanese is a sound effect produced by lightning and electricity, while “Chu” in Japanese is the sound made by a mouse to Japanese ears. That’s why Pikachu is described as a Pokemon in the form of a mouse that can generate electricity.

In the anime, there is an easy way to determine the gender of Pikachu. We only need to see the shape of the tail, if there is an indentation at the end of the tail to form a heart then it is a female Pikachu, whereas if it is straight then it is a male Pikachu. At this rate, we can conclude that Ash’s Pikachu is a male Pikachu.

Pikachu’s popularity in Japan is just as popular as Walt Disney’s mascot, Mickey Mouse in America. These two mascots have become icons that have popularized their respective countries, even Pikachu was once used as a mascot during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Japan.

Pikachu’s sleeping activity is not only done to rest and restore energy, you know. Sleeping also helps Pikachu to recharge its electricity which has been used up throughout the day.

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