free printable baseball coloring pages

free printable baseball coloring pages – The game of baseball or baseball was created by Abner Doubleday of the Coperstown New York in 1983 and in 1845, Alexander J. Cartwright created and drafted rules for the game of baseball.

Basically, the game of baseball is almost similar to softball, but the difference is between the size of the field, wood, hitter, ball, and the way the pitcher rolls the ball and tricks, how to leave the base, and the number of innings in the game.

Complete Baseball Game Rules

There are so many baseball rules that you must know in order to become a professional in playing baseball or Indonesians call it baseball.


The shape and size of a baseball field are as follows.
The distance from home base to pitcher plate is 18.45 m.
The distance of each base is 27.45 m.
The pitcher plate measures 60 x 15 cm.

To find out more details, see this baseball field size article.

Wood Bat

1.06 m long.
The cross section with a diameter of 7 cm.
Grip wrap 46 cm.

Ball Size

Weight 145 gr.
Circumference 23 cm.

Number of Players

The number of players in the baseball game for each team is 9 people with the position of the player on the field as follows.
Ball thrower
First base guard
Second base guard
Third base guard
Field guard with between base 1 and base 3
Left field guard
Center court guard
Right field guard.

Old Game of Baseball

The game of baseball lasts for 9 innings.

Leaving Base

A base runner can freely leave his base. When the pitcher is ready at his pitche’s plate, the base runner is still allowed to leave the base.

A runner with a good shot who returns safely over home base will score 1.

Every runner who goes to the base, cannot pass through the base. If it passes, you can do it except run to base 1 straight to base 2, not pretend.

If the ball being hit is caught by the guard team, then the bat is declared “dead” and the other runners must return to their original base immediately, so as not to fall.

Therefore, each hitter must try to keep his punches good and far away so that he can run at least to base 1, other players move to move to base 2 and so on.


A catcher will stand in the box behind the home base, his job is to catch all the pitchers that are not hit by the batter and guard the home plate against the base runners (base runners).

The catcher must also catch the ball that falls near home plate and keep the runner from stealing the bases. Catchers wear face shields, leg protectors, body armor, and gloves.

Overall, baseball equipment consists of:
Helmet as a protection used by the beater
Mask (face cover)
Chest protector.


A pitcher is in charge of throwing the ball as fast as possible and it must be precise so that the opposing player (hitter / hitter) may not be able to hit the throwing ball.


A hitter / hitter tries his best and hits the ball as far as possible into the fair territory. If the ball is knocked out of the area of ​​play, it is considered a missed stroke and counts as a “strike” advantage to the pitcher.


Each hitter or hitter is given three chances to hit the ball from the pitcher.

If the pitcher manages to throw the ball three times straight into the strike zone without being hit by the hitter, then the hitter / hitter is declared “out” and must go out of the field back to the dugout.

Strike Zone

The strike zone is the area of ​​the “imagination box” where the ball is tossed, which is the width of the home plate and the height defined between the knee and the elbow of the hitter’s front hand.

Batting Everage Bunt

A ball that is hit using a bat is not force or force.


Players are listed in order as butter or pitcher. This player has no defensive role.

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