Free printable coloring pages for kids avengers

You must be familiar with some superhero stories. Currently, there are many films with this theme. The most recent is GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

And unexpectedly, the film scored such a huge success. This is a sign that superhero stories don’t belong to nerds only. But also everyone wants to follow and see it.

avengers coloring pages free printable
avengers coloring pages free printable

The success of superheroes in dominating Hollywood production films has never been imagined before. So that it can be famous everywhere. But did you know that some superhero stories have their own secrets?

marvel coloring pages for kids
marvel coloring pages for kids

We will present some unique and interesting facts about superhero stories in both comics and films. If you are not a true comic fan, we guarantee you not all of these facts.

Did you know that Spiderman or Peter Parker had some unpleasant events in their youth? Yes, we know Peter Parker is young, but it didn’t happen when he was a kid. However, when he was growing puberty.

In a comic story in 1984, Peter met someone named Steven, but better known as Skip. Peter is invited to visit his house, because Skip’s parents are divorced and his mother is working, the two men live in an empty house.

After being invited to play billiards, Peter was given an adult magazine by Skip. Peter, who was still innocent, didn’t know what to do, so he just obeyed. He was surprised by what he saw in the magazine, he had never seen anything like it. Then Skip started approaching him and started groping for Peter’s body parts.

Until the last film, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, there was no official explanation from Marvel for this. But they just keep it quiet. So it might actually happen on purpose but not dismantled by Marvel on the grounds of their audience rating.

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