free printable horse coloring pages for kids

Horses are not commonly kept pets in Indonesia. The price is expensive, the maintenance is not easy, and requires a large area of ​​land are the reasons why this mammal of the genus Equus is rarely kept. Usually, we can only ride horses that are rented at tourist attractions.

free printable horse coloring pages for kids

Do you know what kind of horse is the most popular and widely kept in the world? Read more below! There is nothing wrong with increasing knowledge, right?

free horse coloring pages for kids
free horse coloring pages for kids

Arabian horse

You could say, the Arabian horse is one of the oldest horse breeds. As the name implies, this horse comes from the Arabian Peninsula. It is estimated that this horse has a pedigree going back to 3000 BC, explains the website of The Spruce Pets. Height is 145-155 cm with a weight of 360-450 kg. The color varies from black, white, brown, and gray.

These horses are called ‘warm-blooded’ because they are bred for speed. Thanks to its endurance and stamina, this horse is suitable for competition. Arabian horses have lived with humans for centuries, so they are sensitive and intelligent animals in communicating with their riders.

  1. Thoroughbred

With their strong and muscular posture, thoroughbred horses are indeed suitable for breeding as racehorses. About 300 years ago, this horse was deliberately bred for racing by crossing Arabian horses and local horses explain the website of The Spruce Pets. Today, thoroughbred horses are the most popular racing horses in the North American region.

This horse is taller than the Arabian horse, which is 157-173 cm tall. The most common colors are brown, black, and gray. Usually, the underfoot of a thoroughbred is white, like it is wearing socks. Being contested since the age of two, this horse is prone to stress and injury.

  1. Morgan

This black horse does look elegant and mysterious. His name is also cool, namely Morgan. This horse has a compact body, strong legs, expressive eyes, and a muscular build. In 2005, there were an estimated 175,000 Morgan horses worldwide. This horse can be used as a racehorse, showjumping, and horse riding.

Not only that, but this horse is also used as a mount for cavalry (cavalry) in military institutions. Morgan’s horse is 145-157 cm tall and weighs 408-453 kg and can live to be 30 years old, says the page of The Spruce Pets. This horse has a friendly temperament, even to strangers.

  1. American quarter horse

American quarter horses are great sprinters. Not only that, but it can also run at speeds of 55 miles / h or 88.5 km / h, explained the Horses and Foals page. Not surprisingly, this horse is used as a racehorse, rodeo, and for work. Now, it is estimated that the American quarter horses number more than 5 million, spread across 95 countries.

According to The Spruce Pets page, this horse is 142-162 cm tall and weighs 430-544 kg. The color varies from brownish red, gray, white, black, and brown. This horse is quite friendly and can work with farm animals such as cows. Oh yes, these horses often compete to sprint at a distance of 200-800 meters.

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