Free printable rainbow fish coloring pages

Rainbow fish (rainbow) has a scientific name as Melanotaenia. As the name implies, this fish has a color that resembles a rainbow. Bright and colorful.

printable rainbow fish coloring pages

This charming fish still belongs to the Melanotaeniidae family. They are popular because they have a complete package as ornamental fish. In addition to its beautiful appearance, this fish that likes to live in groups is also active and intelligent. However, you cannot raise them carelessly. Need special skills and commitments. Therefore, this fish care is not recommended for beginners.

rainbow fish coloring pages for preschoolers

The original habitat of rainbow fish
Ornamental fish inhabit the western region of West Papua, Indonesia. Unfortunately, now only 3 natural habitats survive. These habitats include Hain, Ajamaru, and Aitinjo. So it can be concluded that this fish population is threatened with extinction.

This fish prefers to live in shallow waters, which are surrounded by dense vegetation. The fish will eat and move around the plants. Their appearance is indeed charming, so many want to bring them home as decoration.

Due to the decline in fish numbers, the government imposed a ban on fishing and exporting rainbows. There are also fish that are sold and bought are the result of cultivation in captivity. Read: Types of Ornamental Fish Original Endemic to Indonesia

Rainbow fish description
Adult fish measuring about 8-11 cm. its life expectancy is approximately 6-8 years. The age of the fish of course depends on the conditions of the aquarium and general care.

The rainbow has a flat, tall, ellipsoid body. Its back appears to be composed of two parts; there is an elongated part and there is also a small part. On the elongated dorsal side, the anal fin of this fish is symmetrical. Then the tail fin is forked. The eyes are big, but the head is so small.

Don’t forget the amazingly unique fish color. The head and back of the body are light blue, then followed by a yellow-orange color from the middle to the tail of the fish. Male fish color looks more intensive and brighter. The size is also bigger.

Difficulty raising rainbow fish
It was mentioned earlier that fish are not the typical easy-care pets. They are demanding and fussy, especially about the conditions of the aquarium and the diet. You must be prepared to provide quality food and stable water parameters.

Therefore, novice aquarists will find it difficult to maintain this fish. It takes skill and long experience to maintain aquarium stability. Budget availability can be a big consideration.

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Keeping rainbow fish in an aquarium
The ideal aquarium size to accommodate these fish is about 120 liters. The temperature is in the range of 24-26 degrees Celsius. While the pH is between 6.5-7.5. If you are able to maintain the conditions that the fish want, they can live up to 8 years.

Rainbows are more comfortable living with each other, with a number of about 6-8 species or more. As much as possible the aquarium shape is elongated and has a large capacity. Thus, the fish will show natural behavior. The body coloring also tends to be brighter.

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