free printable succulent coloring pages

You may have seen this type of water-saving plant often, but its name is less familiar to your ears. Most people just refer to it as a kind of “cactus”. Yes, succulents are actually quite popular as plants to decorate the interior and exterior of the house.

succulent coloring page
succulent coloring page

Succulents are plants that have thicker, fleshy parts for storing water. Cacti, which have thick flesh and water, are the most popular types of succulents. Not only cacti, there are actually many types of succulents that can beautify your home.

coloring pages succulents
coloring pages succulents
  1. Echeveria
    The shape of the leaves is similar to a blooming rose, making Echeveria much admired by succulent fans. Uniquely, Echeveria leaves can form beautiful color gradations, ranging from green to purplish. Its beauty also emanates from the exotic red flowers.
  2. Stonecrop
    Stonecrop is usually used to cover the home page to make it look more beautiful. Their small and clustered shapes make them suitable for covering rough surfaces, such as walls in a vertical garden.
  3. Burro’s Tail
    Unlike other types of succulents, Burro’s Tail grows elongated so it is suitable as a hanging plant. Unfortunately, Burro’s Tail leaves fall very easily so you should choose a spot out of reach of children.
  4. Sansevieria
    You must be familiar with this type of succulent, right? Sansevieria is widely chosen to decorate the interior and exterior of the house because of its unique style. The shape that extends upwards also makes this plant easy to care for and saves space.
  5. Aloe
    You may know this succulent through the aloe vera plant in the yard. However, Aloe has a very wide variety of sizes, from 6 inches to several meters. Aloe that is often used for decoration is small aloe placed in a pot.
  6. Jade Plant
    The Jade Plant is a succulent in a classic style that is in high demand because it is easy to grow anywhere. If you arrange it well, the Jade Plant will be shaped like a unique bonsai plant. This is because the leaves grow lush on top like a real tree.

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