free seahorse coloring pages to print

The characteristics of seahorses have many differences from other marine animals. Sea horse is a type of fish that lives in seawater. The Latin name for seahorses is Gebus Hippocampus and belongs to the family Syngnathidae.

free seahorse coloring pages to print
seahorse coloring pages

Although the characteristics of seahorses are different from other sea animals, they have their uniqueness. One of the uniqueness of the seahorse is its male species which gets pregnant and gives birth to young.

There are many more unique characteristics of seahorses. Here are 1- the characteristics of a sea horse

seahorse coloring page printable
seahorse coloring page printable

Unique Mouth Shape

The mouth of a seahorse is identical to a snout-like shape. These very distinctive features of the sea horse serve to investigate or forage. When seahorses find food, they suck it through their muzzle, like a vacuum cleaner.

The muzzle of a seahorse will expand if the prey is larger than the snout. Uniquely, it turns out that sea horses cannot chew food. Therefore, the seahorse sucks its food directly into the body.

Can See 360 ​​Degree

Another characteristic of the sea horse is that it has excellent eyesight. The eyes of the sea horse can work independently on either side of its head.

This allows the seahorse to look forward and backward at the same time. This condition is very beneficial for the seahorse in looking for food.

Seahorses have various body sizes. Body size ranging from 0.6 inches to 14 inches or 1.5 cm to 35 cm.

Swimming and Moving Vertically

Although sea horses are sea animals, they are very bad at swimming. Seahorses have a very slow swimming speed.

This is due to the uniqueness of its upright body shape. This erect body condition makes seahorses swim vertically, not horizontally like other fish.

Seahorses are only associated with one partner. The sea horse will live together until both of them die.

Hereditary Male Seahorse

Another uniqueness of the sea horse lies in giving offspring. Usually, the animals that are pregnant and give birth are female animals. However, it is different from sea horse.

Male seahorses are the only species that can conceive and give birth to young. This is because male seahorses have a stomach pouch that can be used to store eggs that will be laid by female seahorses.

When the eggs arrive in the male seahorse’s pouch, they will be coated with blood vessels. Then the seahorse will begin to fertilize the eggs to make the embryos.

The fertilization process will take from 10 days to 40 days until the time for the embryo to develop into a baby seahorse. Usually, baby seahorses that come out will amount to hundreds or even thousands of babies.

Another unique feature of seahorses lies in their fins and their impressive way of hiding from predators. Seahorses have dorsal fins that are located at the bottom of their body, while the pectoral fins can be found on the head, near the gills.

Meanwhile, how to hide a sea horse can be by changing the color of the body which is very transparent. This condition allows seahorses not to be easily seen by their predators, making the survival success of these animals quite high.

Sea Horse Moves Very Slowly

The next characteristic of the sea horse is that it has a very slow movement compared to other sea animals. This is because these animals have a well-built body and fins that are their mainstay for swimming, which are fairly small.

That way even though the seahorses can be invisible, once they are seen, they can immediately become food for their predators without having to bother being chased. Seahorses can be said to be sea animals that have very bad stamina so they can easily tire out and eventually drown at the bottom of seawater.

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