Happy valentines day coloring page

valentines day coloring page – The celebration of Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th. Every year, both malls and restaurants and cafes enliven Valentine’s Day with pampering decorations and promos. Not to forget, chocolates and flowers were the bestsellers throughout the day

valentines day coloring pages hearts
valentines day coloring pages hearts

Valentine’s Day in America

In America, you’ll find parties designed by couples and singles alike. There, they will celebrate with dinner, or even gather to dance and enjoy music together.

valentine's day animal coloring pages
valentine’s day animal coloring pages

Almost the same as in Indonesia, flowers and chocolates are very familiar items on Valentine’s Day. People exchange these flowers and chocolates with their closest ones. A warm atmosphere awakens because of the happiness that radiates.

Valentine’s Day in England

Apart from flowers, gifts are the most important in the celebration of Valentine’s Day in England. The shops along the street will be decorated with various flowers. There are balloon decorations and pretty lights all over the city.

In fact, magazines and newspapers fill their columns with love stories.

In England, every Valentine’s Day, the garden will be filled with lovers, family and friends pouring out their love and care for each other.

Valentine’s Celebration in Italy

Romance is already strong in this country. Many festivals with the theme of love are held here. You will find many people happy, dancing and celebrating Valentine’s Day.

The party is not only held by couples, but the family also arranges dinner and makes it warm.

Chocolates and flowers are also warm and welcoming items in the country.

Valentine’s Day in Denmark

Here, couples celebrate Valentine by sending gifts and flowers to their respective partners. Unlike in Indonesia, white flowers actually symbolize genuine love.

There is something unique about Valentine’s Day. The men send gifts and flowers for the crush, and the woman has to guess who sent them. If he guessed correctly, at Easter he will receive an Easter egg.

Valentine’s Celebration in South Africa

In South Africa, there is a traditional festival held for couples. Inspired by a custom in ancient Rome, girls would write the name of their spouse or person they liked and put it on their arm.

Thus, the men will know who has put their hearts in him all this time.

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