Horse And Rider Coloring Pages

All children want to ride horses. However, not all children have the opportunity to see, play, or ride on a horse directly. Because this super-strong animal is not easily found in various places or certain tourist destinations.

girl horse rider coloring pages
girl horse rider coloring pages

If it is in an arena or children’s playground, of course, it will be different from a destination that does provide specifically this horse riding game for children.

If you take your children on vacation to horse riding locations, there are a number of things that you should make sure that you first, namely:

  1. Is there an instructor or teacher or special handler who will accompany and guide the children while riding the horse
  2. Make sure that before riding the horse the child will be given a brief education about the horse
  3. A child is ready to ride a horse, without coercion
  4. Make sure the child is full and not sleepy when riding
  5. If the child refuses, the parents should not force it.

So, that day we took the children for a vacation by playing horses. From the house, the child has been prepared physically and mentally so that when they arrive at the location the child is ready to participate in all activities properly.

As soon as they arrived at the location, it turned out that many children had gathered who would also play horse riding. They listen carefully to the explanation of the teacher or horse handler about how to ride a good horse.

Children are also taught how to make the horse obey, how to hold the horse’s bridle properly so that the horse can be easily controlled.

After that, the child is immediately asked to practice good horse riding. Each child is given a special time to ride a horse and is invited to go around on a horse. For those who are new, of course, they are still being assisted and accompanied first.

However, if you can start, then slowly you will be left alone. But still, be watched vigilantly. Worried that his horse might go berserk or be unfriendly. This is to reduce risk.

Holidays with children to locations where horse games are available is very interesting. All of our children loved it. Even asked many times. The first stage is asking for a company, riding a horse together with his parents. However, after a while, ask to go up by yourself.

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