How long albatross bird can fly

Albatros bird Can Fly Hundreds of Kilometers, Almost Never Land!

This one bird is known for its amazing flying abilities.

Albatross birds can fly up to hundreds of kilometers without flapping their wings. Come on, we know more closely with this bird.

Albatross is a type of seabird that comes from the family of sea eagles. There are about 15 types of albatross in the world.

Albatros have a large body. The wingspan alone can reach four meters. The fur is white and black.

Albatros forage at sea level. He flew near the waves in search of food.

His favorite food is squid and fish. Albatros can dive to a depth of around 12 meters to catch fish.

Albatros are found off the Atlantic coast, oceans in the Americas, New Zealand, the Antarctic Ocean, and islands near the Pacific Ocean

Almost Never Land

Albatros spent most of his time flying.

He also almost never landed. Even if it landed, this bird is only to make a nest on an island.

Albatros only returned to the mainland to lay eggs and raise their children.

The albatross eggs hatch within 80 days. The growth of albatross children is slow. The albatross takes 10 months to fly.

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The albatross leaves its nest after its dense wings.

The albatross child then flies and survives in the ocean. Albatros can live up to a dozen years.

Extraordinary Wings

Albatros can fly high in the sky for hours without flapping their wings.

How to fly really extraordinary. The albatross wings are very large. He was even able to fly against the storm.

The secret of its flying power is its very strong shoulder muscles.

This bird is able to fly as far as 15,000 kilometers each time across the ocean. In fact, he can also fly as far as 800 kilometers in 12 hours.

Well, how to fly the albatross was then made into the idea of ​​making aircraft. Wow, cool!

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