How to draw a butterfly step by step

Butterflies are indeed known as animals that have beautiful wings with amazing color variations and are able to spoil the eye. No wonder many photographers make butterflies as a photo object.

this time invites you to draw beautiful butterflies easily.

You just need to follow the easy steps like the picture below:

Time needed: 20 minutes.

In this tutorial I will show you how to draw monarch butterflies step by step, right from zero. You can also modify my method to draw other butterflies!

  1. Step 1

    Our first step is to start drawing the head with a small to draw butterfly step by step

  2. Step 2

    In this step, we will draw a body part starting with an oval shape.
    how to draw butterfly easy

  3. Step 3

    Our third step is to draw an antenna from a butterfly. an antenna is a sensor device found on the head of an adult insect. These antennas are used for kissing and balance.
    Butterflies have 2 antennas with a slightly rounded tip called an antennal club.
    how to draw a butterfly step by step

  4. step 4

    at this stage we will draw a butterfly’s front wing.
    Butterfly wings have several functions, among others:
    to facilitate the butterfly while flying, to avoid its body from dust, this is the butterfly function of the most specifications found, can facilitate the butterfly to photosynthesize, as a counterweight to butterflies when flying, so as not to be carried away by the wind, it can cleanse its body, because butterflies have wings whose function is to clean the body which is to draw butterfly wings step by step

  5. Step 5

    the next step is to draw the rear to draw butterfly at home

  6. step 6

    we will draw the front wing to the left the same as drawing the wing on the previous ledge. because butterfly wings are symmetricalhow to draw a butterfly step by step

  7. step 7

    step 7 draw the left rear wing . how to draw butterfly step by step

  8. step 8

    step 8 we will make variations of the butterfly wing to draw a butterfly easy

  9. Step 9

    step 9 you can add images of hearts on each wing.
    or maybe you can create your own, according to your to draw a butterfly easy

how easy enough instead of drawing a butterfly. henceforth you can give color to your heart’s content. thank you and enjoy your activities

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