How to draw Olaf step by step easy

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Hello, friends meet again with, I hope you all are well today!
this time I will give a tutorial on how to draw Olaf step by step.
do you know who Olaf? He is a character from the film “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure”. with this tutorial will be a fairly simple cartoon drawing lesson.
you can use the video or step by step instructions below to learn how to draw Olaf, the snowman from Disney’s Frozen.

  1. Step 1

    the first step we will start by drawing the head make an oval line with a slight curve like in the picture below
    Like you know. When drawing ordinary cartoon characters, we draw them directly from head to toe. Therefore, in this lesson, we will start from the head first.
    Now we outline Olaf’s head. It looks like an ordinary vase outline. Don’t forget that the contours of the head should be located slightly diagonally.
    how to draw olaf step by step

  2. step 2

    the next step is to draw the body. Actually, this is just an ordinary snowman’s body. You only need to draw a circle under the headhow to draw frozen olaf step by step

  3. Step 3

    the third step is we will draw the belly of the Olaf. same as the previous step we started by drawing an oval. ok do it carefully

    how to draw olaf from frozen step by step easy

  4. Step 4

    the next step is we will draw the legs and hands of olaf which is very funny. it’s really easy you can do ithow to draw olaf from frozen 2 step by step

  5. Step 5

    step five is we will start drawing the face of if we start by drawing the mouth of if it starts with a curved line to express olaf that is always cheerful
    how to draw olaf from frozen 2 step by step easy

  6. Step 7

    for the last part, we will draw eyes and nose. let’s start by drawing two small circles for the eyes then we draw eyebrows and make the nose like carrotshow to draw olaf face step by step

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