Iguana Animal Coloring Pages Printable

iguana coloring page – Iguanas are a genus of lizards that live in the tropics of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean islands. These lizards were first described by an Austrian zoologist, Josephus Nicolaus Laurenti in 1768. So far, the Iguana genus consists of only two species, namely the green iguana (Iguana iguana) and the Small Antilles iguana (Iguana delicatissima).

iguana coloring pages printable
iguana coloring pages printable

Iguana is a species of lizard that was first discovered in the tropical forest areas of America and the Caribbean islands. Meanwhile, who introduced him was an Austrian scientist named Josephus Nicolaus around 1768.

free printable iguana coloring pages
iguana coloring page

The characteristic feature of this animal is that it has a crest which is located under the jaw. While the scales are also unique because they consist of quite large spines.

Iguanas are also called tree lizards. These animals are plant-eaters, so it is stated as a type of herbivorous reptile. However, it turns out that someone found iguana species that eat small insects. This type is said to be savage and its bite is poisonous.

iguana coloring picture
iguana coloring page

Types of Iguana

There are quite a lot of iguana species or types of reptiles. They have their own characteristics. The following are some of the types in circulation:

Green Iguana

Green iguanas are the largest species in the world. As the name implies, this animal has a full green skin color. The largest habitat is in Mexico and mainland South Brazil.

Snow Blizzard Iguana

The Snow Bizzard iguana is a cross species from another lizard family. Namely, between the Albino iguana and the blue Axanthic. The distinctive feature of this animal lies in its reddish eyes. Because of that, his appearance looks elegant.

Blue Diamond Iguana

The blue diamond iguana is a very expensive species of tree lizard. The reason is, this animal is so beautiful that people are scrambling to keep it. What is amazing about this species is, the color of the head is bright blue. So that there is a striking difference between this species and the green iguana.

The Chalarodon Iguana

The next species is the Chalarodon Iguana. This animal is a hallmark of Madagascar. Because that’s where the habitat is the most. This animal has a beautiful skin color. Namely reddish with black and white spots that spread from tail to head.

Red Flame Iguana

The Red Flame Iguana is the most expensive species of tree lizard. The reason is, his whole body is red. So it looks amazing. At first glance, this animal has the same characteristics as the False Red Iguana. But what distinguishes it is, the Red Flame Iguana is brighter in color.

False Red Iguana

This sixth species is the red iguana which is also expensive even though it is not as expensive as the Red Flame. Therefore, you must be able to distinguish the two so you are not fooled.

Albino Iguana

Albino iguanas are the most beautiful iguanas out there. This is because the body color consists of several bright color variants. The body is yellow while the eye area is red. This combination is what makes it look beautiful and attractive.

Iguana Morph

The Morph Iguana is also called the Blue Iguana or blue iguana. This animal is considered a rare reptile, because its own population in Peru and America has started to decrease. Reportedly, this species is the parent of the famous Snow Blizzard. For the price itself is quite high, around 8-10 million euros.

Rhino Iguana

There is also a species that is quite fierce and male, the name is the rhino iguana. Even so, these animals are tame and not classified as wild. This animal is not really liked by society. Because, the impression of his body is scary. Even though these animals are not meat eaters.

Lemanctus iguanas

Lemanctus is the smallest iguana species in the world. Even so, people are interested in keeping them, because these animals have a unique body shape.

On the head there is a small lump. At first glance, this animal seems to be wearing a helmet. Seeing this shape, with its small size, of course the Lemanctus iguana is very cute and adorable.

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