Is There Inorganic Trash at Home? Don’t Throw It Out, It Can Be Processed

Inorganic waste can be turned into useful goods, so that it can be reused.

Inorganic waste is rubbish that has long been decomposed. For example, cans, plastic bags, and plastic bottles.

Well, here are some forms of inorganic waste management.


ecobrick bottles

Plastic waste can be recycled into ecobrick. Ecobrick is often called environmentally friendly furniture.

Ecobrick is a plastic bottle that has been filled solid with inorganic waste, such as plastic bags and paper.

For an ecobrick to be made, the bottle must be clean and dry.

Ecobrick can reduce inorganic waste that ends up in landfills.

Ecobrick is usually used for furniture and brick replacement for building walls.

Ecobrick began to be widely used in various countries.

Flower pot

Inorganic waste such as used beverage bottles can be turned into flower pots. Cut the top of the bottle and fill it with soil and plants.

Give a few small holes in the bottom of the bottle so that water can come out.

This plastic flower pot can also be hung or placed in the part of the house that we want.

Paving Block

Inorganic waste can also be processed into paving blocks.

Plastic and Styrofoam waste is separated, then put into a special fuser machine.

The inorganic waste is then mixed with a little sand and heated for about 60 minutes.

The liquid waste is then put into a paving block molding tool and dried in the sun to dry.

to make one paving block from this waste it takes about 1.5 kilograms of plastic waste.


Plastic waste can also be made into handicraft items.

Among other things, shopping bags, wallets and pencil cases. Wow cool!

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