leprechaun coloring page free printable

leprechaun coloring page – The leprechaun (Irish: leipreachán) in Irish mythology is a male fairy countryman who inhabited the Irish mainland.

cute leprechaun coloring page
cute leprechaun coloring page

Together with other fairies, Leprechaun inhabited mainland Ireland before the arrival of the Celts. They are described as old men who love to misbehave. They trade by selling pebbles or become shoe makers. They are said to be very rich.

easy leprechaun coloring page
easy leprechaun coloring page

According to legend, the leprechaun had a barrel filled with gold. The barrel is said to be placed at the end of the rainbow. It is said that whoever manages to steal the gold barrel, then the devious god must grant 3 wishes if the barrel is to be returned.

During Green Day celebrations or a day to remember Saint Patrick, it is said that the leprechaun will come to someone’s house. Therefore, in every country when they celebrate this day children start competing to catch leprechauns. Folklore about the leprechaun originating in Ireland began to spread along with the spread of the celebration of St. Patrick to various countries.

One day a young farmer named Thomas or what his neighbors called Tom walked through the fields. As he walked he heard footsteps coming from behind him. Slowly and cautiously he walked forward and his eyes widened in amazement.

One day a young farmer named Thomas or what his neighbors called Tom walked through the fields. As he walked he heard footsteps coming from behind him. Slowly and cautiously he walked forward and his eyes widened in amazement.

There, the footsteps of the tiny shoe (stopping and taking a drink from the jug next to it) was a tiny creature that was none other than a Leprechaun. Tom, a local resident of the area, already knows a lot about the creature. From the story he heard that the Leprechaun became the keeper of a magical and amazing treasure.

However, this Leprechaun is almost impossible to surprise a large human. Tom tries to walk slowly like a cat and this tiny creature looks at him saying “Bless your work!” Tom said politely and tried as if he wouldn’t catch the Leprechaun. Even though he wanted to catch the little creature inside, “Thank you and have a nice day too.” The leprechaun returned to its place.

Tom tries to talk by asking what he is doing so he can discuss the treasure. “May I know what’s in the pottery?”

“Beer.” Replied the leprechaun “and this is a good beer. This beer I made myself which I took out of the heater. “

“From the heater” Tom said with a laugh “there is no beer like that!”

“There is no ? I’ll tell you how to make a good beer and be a family secret that’s been around longer than you can guess. “

Could there be such a thing as Beer from the heater “Can I taste it?” Tom asked.

“I told you.” The leprechaun said sternly “Now you better look at your cows instead of asking for a drink. See! Now they go and get into the wheat. “

Tom then had time to believe the leprechaun’s words. Then he remembered the old story and the way leprechauns fool the careless: When they look away, the leprechauns disappear and leave. Finally Tom turned back around, jumped like a cat that found a mouse and caught the leprechaun in his hands.

Leprechauns squirmed so that he couldn’t escape. “Hey! Let me go !”

“Not until you tell me where the hidden treasure is.”

“What are you going to do with the treasure? it will cause you trouble compared to its value. “

“It will be a problem for you if you don’t tell me now!”

“Ah, okay” He answered sadly like a child “is there nothing that can soften your stone heart.”

“Nothing will soften my heart until you show me where the treasure is.”

“All right, come here. We have something to do. “

Still in Tom’s hands, the Leprechaun led him here and there and finally said “stop here.”

“here? But this is just a wild meadow! “

“However, a large pot of gold is buried down here. Dig into these wild grasslands and you will find treasure that will fill your pockets. What are you waiting for? “

How could Tom dig without a shovel? And how can he dig and not lose the leprechaun? suddenly he had an idea. He opened his soft and red scarf and tied it to one of the weeds there.

“Now,” he said, “promise me you won’t touch the rod or the scarf at all.”

“How can I not agree when a good young man catches me and takes me hostage? Okay, I swear. Now will you let me go? I have shoes that need repair and … “

“not. Promise me you will not lose this gold today or tonight. “

“Oh, isn’t he the smartest young man by asking for this condition? I swear I won’t lose this gold today or tonight. Nor will I touch this scarf or rod. Now, can I be free? “

“All right, I wish you luck.” Said Tom

“Good luck too. And I hope a lot of gold will be useful when you get it. “

The leprechaun disappeared into the meadow. Tom ran to his house like a demon chased. He searched for his farming tools until he found a shovel and dashed back to the weeds.

There Tom stopped suddenly, and looked around him. Oh yes, leprechauns keep their promises. He kept his every word. wild plants with red scarf will not be touched at all. However, every wild plant in this wilderness was covered in a red scarf. There no one knows which scarf is Tom’s and on which plant lies treasure.

What could Tom do but stand up and laugh. He stood laughing at his foolishness that he could escape the leprechaun’s trick

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