Mandalorian coloring page printable

For you Star Wars enthusiasts, you will be happy to hear this news. Because the production process of the Star Wars live-action series entitled The Mandalorian has officially begun, with 10 episodes that have been prepared by Disney and Lucasfilm to bring the audience to explore a new part of this star war fantasy story.

mandalorian coloring page printable

The New York Times reports that Disney has poured $ 100 million into the series so that later The Mandalorian can be used as the opening series for their new Disney streaming service due out in 2019. Disney is working to expand the Star Wars Universe in ways it never will. was successfully carried out by Lucasfilm.

The creator and writer of The Mandalorian are Jon Favreau who is the director behind the success of the 2 Iron Man films. Favreau is also the person who is ‘hooked’ most to work on Disney’s other live-action such as the first The Jungle Book, The Lion King, and the last sequel to The Jungle Book.

Favreau is assisted by Filoni who will be executive producer with Kathleen Kennedy and Colin Wilson. With their experienced hands, it certainly makes The Mandalorian a series that is worth waiting for and deserves great enthusiasm for fans.

Apart from the fact that we have seen the first look of the main character in his armor and also the information about the series production that has started, so far there has been no official announcement for the cast members who will appear in The Mandalorian series.

Although the names of the players in The Mandalorian series have yet to be revealed, rumors are originating from a Star Wars fansite that point to former Game of Thrones player Pedro Pascal, who recently finished playing on the Narcos series. Could it be that Pascal was the person behind the armor in the first look photo? Probably Pascal will receive special training for that role.

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