Mario odyssey coloring pages printable

Mario odyssey coloring pages : Super Mario, a game that tells about the adventures of the plumber in red and blue, is indeed the mascot and game staple for all Nintendo consoles. Every new console is presented, surely the one that spearheads Nintendo is the Mario series, which this time comes with the title Super Mario Odyssey.

super mario odyssey coloring pages to print
super mario odyssey coloring pages to print

The trailer shows a vast world with a gameplay similar to Super Mario Sunshine, the Mario game that came out on the Gamecube in 2002. But, will Nintendo release a Mario game that is the same as before? Come see the KotGa Crew review! Read this too:

super mario odyssey coloring pages to print
super mario odyssey coloring pages to print

At the beginning of the game, it appears that Mario is fighting Bowser to save Princess Peach aboard Bowser’s flying boat. Bowser attacks with his hat and Mario reflexively avoids the hat. However, Bowser’s hat rolled behind Mario’s body and he was defeated by the attack, then fell from Bowser’s ship. Cappy, a hat ghost who catches the fragments of Mario’s hat which was crushed by the ship’s propeller, chases Mario who fell in the Cap Kingdom.

Mario was finally saved by Cappy. Cappy told me that his sister, Tiara, was kidnapped by Bowser to make a crown for Princess Peach. Not only that, it turns out that Bowser has also hired the Broodals rabbit gang to steal jewelry for his marriage to Peach. Mario and Cappy finally agree to work together, and Cappy gets into Mario’s hat! Their adventure to save Princess Peach and Tiara begin!

The way that Mario and Cappy can go to the next country is by using their ship, Odyssey. However, to fill Odyssey’s power to fly, it takes an object called a Power Moon. Your goal is to collect Power Moon and Multi Moon that are scattered in each country so that you can continue your adventure to the next country.

Mario is accompanied by Cappy, a hat ghost who can possess various objects with his power. With the help of Cappy, Mario can penetrate the creatures in this world, such as frogs, Goomba, Bullet Bill, even though the T-Rex! Every country has a creature with a different gimmick, even until now the KotGa Crew has only found a few of the creatures that Mario can possess.

In the Puzzles, Super Mario Odyssey seems to take advantage of the many features found on the Nintendo Switch. For example, like 2D mode, whereby entering a pipe, the gameplay will change to 2D and return to the era where Mario was still playing at NES! Also, there are secret items that we can find by detecting vibrations on the Joycon Switch.

The traveling aspect is also shown in the Super Mario Odyssey menus, where the Map menu looks like a city exploration map with tourist points that Mario must visit. Quick travel is also included in this game, so traveling around the city and getting hidden items will feel easier.

Typical of today’s open-world games, Super Mario Odyssey is equipped with a Photo Mode feature. By pressing the lower button on the Left Joycon, you can access the Photo Mode feature. In this menu, you can take photos of Mario and Cappy while they are adventuring on any stage. Not only that, but you can also adjust the filters that can be used in this mode, such as blur, motion blur, silhouette, there are even Game Boy and SNES modes so that the screenshot looks like an old game that came out on the console!

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