Mega Rayquaza coloring page

This Pokémon flies continuously in the ozone layer and consumes meteoroids as food. It can Mega Evolve by using the energy that comes from meteoroids that it collects in its body.

Rayquaza is a Dragon / Flying dual-type legendary Pokémon. [1] Rayquaza is the mascot of Pokémon Emerald. Together with Kyogre and Groudon, Rayquaza is a member of the Weather Trio, as the master trio.

pokemon mega rayquaza colouring pages
pokemon mega rayquaza colouring pages

Games made by Niantic Pokémon Go regularly hold special events for these game players or commonly called trainers.

The events held are also quite interesting, one of which is the addition of game features, such as hunting for new pokemon.

mega rayquaza coloring pages
mega rayquaza coloring pages

The latest is ‘Legendary Kyogre & Groudon Raid Boss’ or an event to catch legendary Pokémon.

This is the best way to catch Pokémon against Kyogre.

  1. You must have a team (party) of at least 4 – 5 if you want to defeat the Kyogre and capture him.
  2. Kyogre is very difficult to catch because of its distance from the player. This means throwing a curveball will be at high risk because Kyogre floats.

You can see it drifts from left to right and this makes it difficult to catch. Therefore, try practicing your curveball with the other Pokémon from the left and right of the screen.

3.The best Pokémon to fight against are:

A. Raikou, Raikou is the best pokemon to fight Kyogre and can also take every variety of attacks (moveset) with ease.

B. Zabdos, a legendary bird who has great strength (DPS) to fight Kyogre but can still be defeated if hit by a combo.

C. Sceptil, a new Pokémon from the 3rd generation with a powerful leaf-blade attack that can do massive damage to Kyogre.

D. Exeggutor, this Pokémon can attack Kyogre quickly but can be defeated with a single blizzard attack so be careful.

E. Venusaur, a grass type Pokémon that is almost the same as Exeggutor but has a higher resistance.

F. Jolteon, a lightning type Pokémon that has a pretty good attack against Kyogre.

And here’s how to catch and best Pokémon against Groudon.

  1. You must have a team of at least 5 – 6 if you want to beat him and catch him.
  2. Sunny weather (clear wheather) will strengthen Groudon so be careful.

3.The best Pokémon to fight against are:

A. Gyarados, with a waterfall attack and a hydro pump is the best choice.

B. Sceptile, this Pokémon can be very strong with attacks such as bullet seeds and Leaf Blade.

C. Ho Oh, if you are lucky to catch him, the power of the solar beam from him has a huge impact.

D. Vaporeon, this water-type Pokémon can attack powerfully with Water Gun and Hydro Pump attacks.

E. Mewtwo, very easy to fight with Confusion and Shadow Ball attacks

F. Venasaur, everyone’s favorite Pokémon with powerful Vine Whip and Solar Beam attacks.

Don’t miss the opportunity to collect these legendary Pokémon in your team. Happy adventure!

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