Megalodon coloring pages to print

Sharks are known to be the creepiest creatures in the ocean. Some films like Jaws also make this fish the main character.

megalodon coloring pages to print

However, the great white shark, looks nothing when compared to the megalodon species. Here’s what you need to know about this giant shark.

What is a megalodon shark?

Megalodon, which is the largest shark in history, roamed our oceans some 28 million years ago.

Scientists believe these creatures consume about a ton of food per day to support their lives, including whales and other large sea creatures such as sea lions.

How big is he?

The remains of Megalodon suggest that this sea creature could grow to three times the size of a great white shark.

The minimum size is around 40 feet and is believed to be up to 59 feet at its largest. The teeth alone are seven inches long.

Are megalodon sharks still around?

Currently, the megalodon species are extinct. However, some conspiracy theorists claim, these predators still roam our oceans.

Several sailors reported that they had seen these ancient creatures.

One of them is the story of a fisherman in New South Wales in 1918. He said that his net had been eaten by a giant shark.

Another report from 1933 maintains that a mysterious sea beast resembling a megalodon was seen off the coast of France.

Even so, the majority of experts say that there is no evidence to suggest this giant predator is still around.

Why is it extinct?

For decades, experts have debated the reasons why this shark species could go extinct.

Some believe that it is the decreased food supply and cooling of the oceans that are reducing the megalodon population.

Research results from the University of Zurich suggest that one-third of the largest marine animals in the sea, became extinct during the Pliocene, about 5.3 million years ago – including megalodons.

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