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mosasaurus coloring page – Mosasaurus is a genus of mosasaurs, carnivorous newts, sometimes resembling finned crocodiles. Mosasaurus has a large elongated jaw. This genus lived in the Maastrichtian era in the Cretaceous period (Mesozoic era), about 70-65 million years ago.

sea monster mosasaurus coloring page
sea monster mosasaurus coloring page

Its name means “Meuse lizard”, because this animal is found near the river Meuse (Latin Mosa + Greek sauros lizard). Capelliniosuchus, which was once thought of as a metriorhynchid crocodile, is actually a minor synonym of Mosasaurus.

The first Mosasaurus ever found, Mosasaurus hoffmannii, was found in a mine near Maastricht, Netherlands in the 1770s. Like his brother, Tylosaurus and Hainosaurus, Mosasaurus.

The size of the Mosasaurus has been under debate for years, after being first discovered in the 1770s. The agreed length is about 15 m and weighs 10 tonnes, but is contentious because no complete fossil has reached that size.

Today, the size of the Mosasaurus hoffmannii is at least 11.5 m and weighs about 8 tonnes. Its maximum skull length is 1.5 m with large chisel-like teeth, which were used to catch and rip apart prey such as Ammonite, Plesiosaurus, Protostega, and Elasmosaurus.

Meso is a giant ancient newt that has been found living in marine areas near Europe and North America. The level of aggressiveness is very high, no wonder he looks very agile and ferocious. His favorite food is adult white sharks.

This white shark looks like a small salmon. Even though we know that a white shark is able to overturn a ship very easily.

Mosasaurus is not a designation for a single dinosaur species, but a designation for ancient aquatic reptiles from the family Mosasauridae. The name Mosasaurus itself literally means ‘lizard from the Meuse River’ which refers to the name of the river in the Netherlands where the Mosasaurus fossil was first found.

The Ocean of Kansas page states that there are more than 40 species including Mosasaurus. The Mosasaurus we see in the film Jurassic World is only one of its kind, namely the Tylosaurus proriger species.

Because it is a reptile, Mosausaurus is not related to birds that are direct descendants of dinosaurs. Modern-day animals that are descendants of Mosasaurus, namely snakes and lizards.

Because it consists of many species, of course the size of the Mosasurus is very diverse. One of the largest is the Hainosaurus bernardi species which can reach a length of 17 meters, aka longer than the T-rex! While the smallest is the Dallasaurus which is less than 1 meter long.

Meanwhile, the Mosasaurus in the Jurassic World film is certainly not made based on accurate measurements. Fossil Guy’s page mentions that in fact the size of Tylosaurus was only about 15 meters, much smaller than what is seen in the film.

In addition, Tylosaurus is thought to have skin that is smooth like a snake, not as rough as it appears in the film.

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