All About PUBG New: State, from Features, Gameplay, to Links and Registration Bonuses

Krafton, as the developer of the PUBG: Mobile game, announced the latest sequel to this battle royale game. The new game successor to PUBG: Mobile is named PUBG: New State.

According to Krafton, PUBG: New State will have a number of differences, especially features and gameplay elements that are more futuristic.

PUBG: New State itself was developed by two game studios that made the original PC version of PUBG games, namely Krafton and PUBG Studio, instead of Tencent Games which handled the previous PUBG: Mobile.

“This game features a battle royale experience that is increasingly loved by fans and developed for mobile users. From graphics to controls, PUBG: New State is optimized for mobile gaming,” wrote Krafton.

What are the differences between the current PUBG: Mobile and PUBG: New State which will be released?

Different from PUBG: New State Just like any battle royale game in general, in this PUBG: New State game players will be placed in one game arena, and attack each other to be the last to stand.

However, the difference between PUBG: New State and PUBG: Mobile today is that the time setting for PUBG: New State will take place in the future, to be precise in 2051, where human civilization and technology have advanced.

The difference is again with PUBG: Mobile today, the equipment and weapons used in PUBG: New State are claimed to be more sophisticated. One example is the use of drones or other futuristic combat equipment

In addition, there is also a weapon customization feature that can be applied when the player is on the battlefield. In PUBG: Mobile, weapon settings can only be done in the main menu (lobby) of the game.

Main features

The gameplay offered by PUBG: New State will be similar to PUBG: Mobile. However, besides the visuals that look better, this game is expected to offer a number of new gameplay mechanisms, such as changing battles.

The use of weapons (gunplay) will also be dynamic, players can change various types of weapons with increased performance, choose a shooting mode, or add a grenade launcher.

Krafton says gunplay is easy to learn but difficult to master.

In addition, it promises to include a new exclusive map in the game, which expands the universe of PUBG games.

In terms of graphics, Krafton writes PUBG: New State will use an ultra-realistic display that will push the boundaries of mobile gaming.

When was it released?

So, when will PUBG: New State be released? Through the official page, Krafton said that PUBG: New State will be released this year 2021 for Android and iOS devices.

However Krafton did not mention the exact date when PUBG: New State will be released. But Krafton has opened a pre-registration or pre-registration (registration) session.

For information, PUBG: New State registration is only available for Android device users. Meanwhile, for iOS users, it will be announced further.

How to register

To register for PUBG: New State, Android users can simply enter the Google Play Store application store page from their respective cellphones, or via the following link.

After entering the PUBG: New State page on the Google Play Store, press the “Pre Register” button listed. Later, users can choose to immediately install the game if it’s officially released, or can press the “Got it” button when it’s available.

Signup bonus

According to the official PUBG website: New State, users who pre-register are entitled to exclusive benefits. This benefit is in the form of limited vehicle skins. This bonus is permanent and can be used forever.

For more information, visit the official Krafton website and the official PUBG site: New State, or their social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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