Superhero Captain America Coloring Pages Free Printable

Captain America coloring pages printable: Who doesn’t know this Marvel Superhero character? Yep, Captain America the super-soldier.

Starting from a legendary comic story, Captain America is a comic character created by Joe Simon as a writer and Jack Kirby as an illustrator, first appearing in Timely Comics under the title Captain America Comics in March 1941.

captain america coloring pages printable
captain america coloring pages free

With the success of his comics, the name Captain America soared to inspire the emergence of an electronic version or the big screen.

captain america coloring pages printable
captain america coloring pages printable

Even with the various story and plot preparations, Captain America is still able to sedate his fans. However, there are some unique Captain America facts below that you need to know.

Appearing in various MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Captain America takes a large portion or part in his role as a superhero.

So far, there have been several film titles that have given rise to stories about this figure, namely Captain America The First Avenger, Captain America Civil War, Captain America Winter Soldier, The Avengers, and others.

These films can grab the interest of millions of viewers from all over the world. It’s no wonder that in the end, Captain America becomes a film that is predicted to be present on the big screen.

Chris Evan has been attached to Steve Rogers for the past 8 years as Captain America.

It is undeniable that this handsome actor is so seductive and immersive in his role as a brave soldier that maybe we can’t imagine other actors playing him.

However, behind Captain America’s fame and the strength of Chris Evan’s character, there are some unique Captain America facts that you need to know. Here is the review.

  1. The story is not the same as the comic

Generally, a comic story is filmed, there must be many parts that are directly or indirectly different or not the same.

Likewise with the Captain America comic, for one reason or another, it is not possible to make it the same as the original story.

Several plots were added to strengthen the story and the actor’s improvisation also played a part in creating a memorable story.

Likewise, the shape of the shield has changed quite a lot compared to its original form.

  1. Stan Lee is not the creator of the Captain America character
    As mentioned above, Captain America is a character created by comic artists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

It’s just that over time, the popularity of Captain America’s comics is fading and people almost forget about it.

Until one day, Stan Lee brought back this character through his company.

And a unique fact of Captain America, considering the role of Stan Lee is quite significant even though he is not the original creator.

  1. The first live-action film was made in 1944 and is the first superhero film
    Before pouring it onto the big screen, this Captain America superhero character had appeared in a black and white TV series in 1944 when the second world war was going on.

It’s just that unlike the Captain America we know today, at that time Captain America was played by Dick Purcell as Grant Gardener, a prosecutor.

Of course, this TV series went too far and underwent so many changes that it raised some criticism.

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