Teen Titans Coloring Pages Free Printable

teen titans coloring page – The story of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman is certainly no stranger to the public. Their film adaptations have repeatedly been made to the big screen. However, what about other DC Comics superheroes like Robin?

Robin’s fate was pretty bad. His solo film never appeared. Robin has only been used as Batman’s companion several times. As a result, Robin confided in the animated film Teen Titans Go !.

Robin (voiced by Scott Menville) was upset that the studio was ignoring his solo film. Nobody was interested in Robin’s story including Superman (Nicolas Cage) and other members of the Justice League group. They think Robin’s life is too childish.

Robin did not accept this treatment. Robin feels that he has struggled to eradicate crime with the Teen Titans. They consist of Cyborg (Khary Payton), Starfire (Hynden Walch), Raven (Tara Strong), and Beast Boy (Greg Cipes). Unfortunately, the Teen Titans group is also considered less serious.

Robin also looked for ways to produce his solo film. A magical idea arises when the Teen Titans face off against the villain Slade (Will Arnett). Slade’s immense power impressed Robin.

Robin wants to make Slade his main enemy. This is believed to be a way for Robin’s solo film to be realized. The reason is, every superhero film must have one main enemy like Superman and Lex Luthor. Was Robin’s attempt successful?

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies presents something fresh amidst the onslaught of other superhero films. The story by Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath stole the attention because it was both eccentric and close to real life. It seemed as if Robin was forgotten when the DC Comics superhero film continued to be produced.

The line of humor is also able to provoke laughter. Teen Titans Go! To The Movies often makes allusions to other superheroes like Deadpool. Even so, his choice of humor could backfire because viewers who rarely follow superhero stories find it difficult to understand the references.

In terms of animation, Aaron Horvath who also acts as a director with Peter Rida Michail tries a different style. They decided to stick with 2-dimensional animation. His directorial style evokes nostalgia. The audience is invited to return to the 90s when the superhero animated series was being produced.

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