Cats Have Pupils with Vertical Lines in the Center, Come Learn about the Uniqueness of Cat’s Eyes!

The eyes of the cat turned out to have a variety of uniqueness, friends.

Have you ever seen a cat’s eye that seems to glow at night when we direct the light into a cat’s eye?

Do you know what’s special about cat eyes?

Among all animals, the cat’s eyes are one of the most unique and special. Cats have black pupils that can turn vertically very quickly.

According to one study, the features of a cat’s eye are related to how they use their eyesight. In July 2015, experts from the University of California, Berkeley, reported their findings on the relationship between animal activity and pupillary form. They analyzed 214 species of terrestrial animals in this study.

Why do cats have weird eyes?

cat eyes images
cat eyes images

When a cat’s eyes are highlighted in a vehicle’s headlights at night, for example, their eyes will look as if they are shining and emitting light.

But actually, cat’s eyes don’t shine when exposed to light, friends.

This glowing cat’s eye is actually caused by a special and reflective surface or reflecting the light behind the retina of the cat’s eye.

This surface that can reflect light is called a tapetum lucidum and has an important function for animals, which is to help them see better in the dark.

Light captured by the eye should be about the part of the photoreceptors that will send information to the brain to convert light into images.

But sometimes the light that is captured by the eye does not hit the photoreceptors, so tapetum lucidum will reflect the light back to be translated into images.

As we know, when it is dark our pupils will widen to capture more light so that they can see, while when the pupils are bright our eyes will become smaller to prevent too much stimulation.

This is also done by cats. The difference is, they are more adept than humans. Reported by Science Alert, previous research has found cats and other predatory animals can move the eye muscles more often to capture more light.

Cat slender and vertical pupils can widen and shrink at speeds of 135 to 300 times faster. In comparison, humans can only dilate pupils up to 15 times. This ability is of course very beneficial to cats, especially they are much more active at night. Cats can still see clearly, both at night and during the day

Cats have snake-like eyes

Vertical pupils are found in cats, snakes, and crocodiles, allowing them to estimate the distance of prey.

However, not all predators have a vertical pupillary shape. Big cats like lions and tigers have round pupils like humans.

According to Martin Banks, a professor of optometry at Berkeley, differences in the shape of a cat’s pupils with tigers and lions are influenced by body size. Banks said lions or tigers do not need to do many tricks in order to focus on seeing prey because their bodies are much taller than cats.

With their tall bodies, they can still see their prey well. Through this finding, you may now know that when a cat changes its pupil size it means they are eyeing prey like a mouse.

Can Cats See in Total Darkness?

Cat pupils can actually grow 135 to 300 times compared to humans whose pupils can only enlarge as much as 15 times.

This also helps the cat to catch light in a dark place, so that the cat can see better at night or in low light.

In addition, cats also only need about one-sixth of the amount of light compared to humans.

If a cat can widen its pupils up to 300 times, does this mean it is able to see in a place so dark that there is no light at all at night?

Unfortunately, the cat’s eyes still need light, even though the amount is very little to be able to see at night, friends.

Cat’s Eye Vision Is Broader Than the Human Eye

It turns out that cats can also have vision problems, just like humans, lo.

Cats have nearsighted vision problems, meaning that cats cannot see objects that are far away, and can only see objects that are nearby.

Although cats have this vision problem, cats have a broader vision.

Cats have a vision that reaches up to 200 degrees in width, while a human vision can only reach 180 degrees.

This means the cat can see objects that are around it more broadly to the side.

Having the Same Type of Cones as Humans, Cats Can Only See Specific Colors

Friends would already know, that the ability to see colors in cats is different from humans.

The human eye can see various colors because there are three different types of cones in the human eye.

As a result, there is more spectrum of colors that can be seen, with peak sensitivity found in red, green, and blue.

Do you know? Cats also apparently have three types of cones in the eye, but cats can only see certain colors, which are believed by researchers to be blue and gray.

This turned out to be due to the number and distribution of each cone in the cat’s eye is different from humans.

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