Who said to draw a bird is difficult? You Must Try This Now!

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Drawing activities have indeed become a favorite of young children in schools and homes, and many choose to draw birds as their objects, especially when drawing a landscape with two mountains and one sunset. But, we will try to draw a bird with a higher level, not only just the letter ‘m’, but more than that.
Drawing a bird is not as difficult as one might imagine, it’s easy even. How easy is that? Please continue scrolling down to see how to draw the bird we chose!
This article is suitable for those of you who want to learn to draw or who want to teach your younger sibling, children, or students in your kindergarten!
How to Draw Birds Easily
The first we draw is a beautiful little bird that is flying beautifully. Intrigued by how do we draw it?

  1. Start by drawing a small circle. This will form the head of a bird.

    draw a bird step by step

  2. Next, attach the irregular shape to the right of the circle, using two curved lines that meet at a point. This will form the body of the bird.

    draw a bird for kids

  3. Extend the two curved lines above and below the point. connect these lines using curved lines. this will form a bird’s tail

    draw a bird flying

  4. Spread your wings from the top of your body using two “S” wavy lines. The lines must meet at a point.

    draw a bird and share your art funny

  5. From the head area, extend the two curved lines that meet at a point. This will form the second wing.

    draw a bird and label its parts

  6. Remove the guide line from the head, base of the wing and tail.

    draw a bird and show your art

  7. Draw a beak using a series of curved lines. The beak must form a dot on the underside.

    draw a bird step by step

  8. Remove the circle guide line from inside the beak

    -Add feathers flying to the left-wing by overlapping a series of “U” shaped lines connected to the underscore of the wing.
    -Remove the guideline from the wing
    -Draw a series of U-shaped lines connected extending from the right-wing.draw a bird step by step

  9. Remove the guide line from the wing.

    -Add tail feathers by drawing a series of U-shaped lines connected along the tail end
    -Remove the guideline from the wing.
    -Add bird feather details. Draw a series of U-shaped lines on each wing, parallel to the flying feathers. Let some U-shaped lines connect, and others stand alone. Draw some curved lines on the bird’s body. Draw slightly curved lines along the tail.draw a bird for kids

  10. Draw a small circle in the middle of the head to form the eye, and a point in the beak to form the nostril.

    Extend a few short lines from the top of the eye, forming eyelashes. Draw a large circle inside the eye, and a small oval and circle inside it. Imagine the area between a larger circle and a smaller shape.
    Draw a series of curved lines connected above the tail to form feathers along the legs. Draw a small closed shape below to form the foot itself. Under the feet, draw some small teardrop shapes to form the toes.
    On the belly line, draw a few more teardrop shapes to form another leg.

    draw a bird step by step

  11. Color your flying bird. In nature, birds come in all colors of the rainbow, so be creative! Easy, right drawing birds?

    draw a bird step by step

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